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Post  SageDakota on Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:13 am

So when my friends and I hang out we sometimes like to quote things from TV shows and videos that make us laugh. Let's see if we can do that?

Post a quote from a video or a TV show or movie that responds to the quote above.
If you quote from a video, please provide a link
If you quote from a TV show or movie, tell which movie and who says it.

"It's been 17 minutes since we were at the two hour sign. You figure an hour and 43 minutes for the line, 6 minutes to ride the Demonator, 13 minutes to find the car, 22 minutes to get home, that puts us at the front door at exactly 10:58, which is 2 minutes before Mom and Dad said they'd be home!" -Drake and Josh, Drake Parker.

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