Seth's Pokemon Adventures

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Seth's Pokemon Adventures

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Seth's Pokemon Adventures is a series about a Pokemon Trainer who tries to become a Pokemon Master like most people his age. However, due to the presence of suspicious people and organizations as well as a rather dysfunctional group of friends, he finds himself in a lot of serious and ridiculous situations. As of now, the series is currently in Season Three; which ends at Episode 48. However, the series itself is most likely to have over 100 episodes when finished.

Season One:

The beginning of the adventure for Seth and his friends begins in Kanto. However, almost immediately he finds himself in trouble when he takes on the burden of taking a Pokemon Egg that a violent group seems to want it at all costs. Along with this, the infamous Team Rocket and their Admin, Zaphrix cause problems as well.

Season Two:

The badge-collecting journey for Seth comes to a halt when Zaphrix becomes more aggressive with his plans. Seth finds himself
fully involved in Zaphrix's plot and must ultimately face off against him one last time with the assistance of the Enigmatic Pokemon, Mewtwo.

Season Three:

Seth finds himself in the Johto Region after a ship accident. As he is in a new Region, he seizes the opportunity to challenge the Gyms in Johto and enter the Johto League. Along the way he makes new friends and rivals as he goes on a new adventure. Unfortunately, a savage band of warriors threaten Johto's state of well being at the same time.


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