ShadowFeraligatr's series/updates

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ShadowFeraligatr's series/updates

Post  Sasab on Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:09 am

1. Pokemon Savior
2. Pokemon Apocalypse
3. Soul Knights

Pokemon Savior
A young boy named Sasab has lost all memory of his past and is mysteriously cast into a world of darkness and mystery. He joins a organization known as the Brotherhood and looks to find out about his past through them. A mysterious person, named Ace, keeps appearing towards him and he may have the answers he seeks. This is the quest of a boy for his memories and his quest to become a Savior.

Currently on: EPISODE 7
Upcoming Episode: EPISODE 8 - The Climax Begins! The Stone and Ace's Past!

Pokemon Apocalypse
This is an upcoming MOVIE planned by me that was originally supposed to be a series. In a world of utter peace and harmony a threat arises. In this world, technology has advanced far beyond any humans dreams. Pokemon and humans all live together and conflict is almost at a minimum. However, the landing of a certain pod from an unknown area leads to chaos throughout everywhere...

Currently on: Part 0/10
Upcoming: The whole movie

Soul Knights
An upcoming series that revolves around a teenage boy discovering his family's heritage. His family is from a group known as the Soul Knights. They keep peace and prosperity throughout all of the universe and they were established in order to do so. _______ (main character's name still being thought of) is the last known Soul Knight in his planet (Zaserin) and it is up to him to revive his clan and protect the universe once again from an impending threat..

***This hack will not be using Pokemon or be related to the ROMs in anyway***

Currently on: In the works
Upcoming: Episode 1 - ???


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