Draft Crew Battle: Pokemon League Side Event!

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Should the Crew Battle take place before or after the bracket?

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Draft Crew Battle: Pokemon League Side Event!

Post  Poyo on Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:38 am

Technically speaking, this isn't a confirmed event for the Pokemon League tournament, but Jamal approves, here's how it'll work. Basically we're gonna have a Draft Pokemon Online crew battle where the two players from the top of the Power Rankings (Seth and Pro) will draft members for the crew to battle against each other until the other crew is out of remaining Pokemon. Here's the rules to make it easier to understand.

-Standard Pokemon Online Clauses will be in effect: Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause, Timed Battle, Species Clause, Soul Dew Clause, OHKO Clause, Self KO Clause and Evasion Clause will all be in effect.

-Matches are played 1v1, with each crew member's team counting as a 6-"stocks" for their crew. 6 Pokemon per team, so each Pokemon counts as a stock towards a 6-stock team. When a crew loses all their stocks(i.e, all crew members have lost) that crew loses.

-Winners of a match play the next match with the EXACT same team they just won with, minus the Pokemon they lost in the previous battle, those are set to Missingnos, they must also lead the next battle with the Pokemon they had out at the end of the last battle (That team is played until that crew member is eliminated.

-Match-ups/Player orders are NOT decided beforehand. They are decided as the crew battle goes along.

-Each Crew member may use only ONE team per crew battle. That team may be switched between crew battles but not during.

Those are the rules. Crew captains are in-charge of who gets to play for their crew in the crew battle as well as deciding who officially gets sent into battle each battle of the crew battle.

This isn't an officially confirmed event, but it's something I want to, so if others are interested, hopefully this can be an event to make the Pokemon League even more hyped! Very Happy

Don't forget to vote on the poll either, it's crucial for tournament organizing!

Edit: I just looked at the thread and the poll question blends in with the background, so the question is "Should the Crew Battle take place before or after the bracket?"

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Re: Draft Crew Battle: Pokemon League Side Event!

Post  HitoshirezuJamal on Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:00 pm

NOTE: Sakura pointed out to me on MSN that she thought that EC had far more battlers than the WC. After observing the current Power Rankings, I noticed that she was right, and I talked it over with Poyo. We may have to decide the crews in a different manner than determining it by coasts, as that wouldn't work.

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