Rise from the Ashes Results!

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Rise from the Ashes Results!

Post  Poyo on Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:12 am

1. Seth (lost Grand Finals to Poyo, but was given the win for both sets of it)
2. Poyo (won Grand Finals vs. Seth, but gave Seth the win for both sets of it)
3. Jamal
4. Ty
5. Brandon
5. Tim (Had to leave during Winner's Semis vs Jamal)
7. Tyson
7. Sakura
9. Sasab
9. Raina
9. Denzel
9. Sarah (Forfeit in Winner's, lost to Seth in Loser's; taking Ren's place)

Gonna use the OP for just tourney info, so my shoutouts will be in my next post, anyway on with the info!

To those of you who watched Grand Finals and are wondering why it says Seth won, it's because he sandbagged me (it seemed like it to me and Seth said so as well) in Winner's. Even though I beat him 3-1 in GFs (we agreed to make the set best of 5), Seth and I both agree I was outplayed (in terms of skill), so I gave him Grand Finals, I still believe he's the community's best battler.

Now some of you maybe wondering why Tim was seeded very low despite being first on our Power Rankings. It's because he didn't really plan to enter to begin with, he showed up when the tourney had already started and because we had some no-shows, we decided to give him Sarah's spot. Coincidentally, Sarah did come on shortly after Tim took her spot as well, I believe Tim also won his first round before that too, so we couldn't give Sarah her spot back, the only option was to give her Ren's spot (who was already DQ'd to loser's) because she left, but was still in the bracket. We couldn't give Sarah, Ren's spot in Winner's because Jamal already did his round 2 battle with Sakura, so yeah ^^;. "Ren" in the brackets is actually Sarah though, don't be confused people, I'm explaining this for a reason. XD

Now the last thing that you maybe wondering on the set counts is why Seth has set counts in rounds before Semis. It's because he and his opponents (Tyson and I) agreed to make their matches against him sets like how Seth and I agreed to make our Grand Finals set a best 3 out of 5 set.

I think that's all the info I gotta say about this tourney. Good stuff everyone and I hope this sparks more competition for the next two tourneys of the season! Very Happy

EDIT: On a sidenote, I just looked at Seth vs Tim in loser's and I listed it as a "2-0" when it wasn't even a set in the brackets yet, plus Tim had to leave, so they didn't even play. Error on my part guys, sorry about that O.o

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Re: Rise from the Ashes Results!

Post  Poyo on Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:24 am

Shout outs! omfg

Seth: Good stuff showing us why you're still the community's best at battling, I never doubted you! omfg

Poyo: Training paid off! Next time you're getting dat first place! Wink

PokemonMasterJamal3: GGs, good WFs. Good stuff getting third by only one win though, you can thank Tim's surprise visit today for that HeheHE

Mr. Popo (Ty): Looks like Seth redeemed himself from the league. Sorry if you're upset about me seeding Tim so low though... I wanted to be fair to him and it was the only thing I could do ^^;

SotaBrandon: Thanks for beating Tyson for me, GGs Wink

Tim: Good stuff coming in here, raping then leaving as you were about to win game 1 of Winner's Semis, LMFAO.

Tysoonnnn: You lost to Brandon but almost beat Seth? Be more consistent! omfg

Sakura: Didn't get to play you or see any of your matches... Sorry! D:

If you go out in the city you mi- Sasab: Sorry about Tim ^^;

Rain (Raina): You almost had Brandon! Maybe next time! omfg

Denzel: GGs, be a bit more humble though. Telling me to prepare to get "owned" then getting 4-0'd is pretty sad. XD

Sarah (Forfeit in Winner's, lost to Seth in Loser's): Sorry about you having to start in loser's... Especially against Seth... Try to be on early on the dates of tourneys ^^;


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Re: Rise from the Ashes Results!

Post  HitoshirezuJamal on Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:32 am

1. Seth - GGs, you might make it back to 1st if you keep this up. (Granted, that's if you legitimately defeat Poyo next time. XD) Nice train through Losers' Bracket.
2. Poyo - Good stuff for running this. I'm honestly surprised that you gave the win to Seth, even though you won, especially considering your actions at The Pokemon League. A sign of maturity, perhaps? Anyway, GGs, I got you next time, and thanks for letting me help TO.
3. Jamal - I think I'm out of my slump, now. All I need to do is fix up my team, and then I'll be taking 1st. Bee
4. Ty - Nice job in Losers'. thumbs up
5. Brandon - Good s**t beating Tyson! I heard you got 6-0'd (TWICE) by Poyo, though, so just remember this: MIX IT UP. Don't do the same predictable strategies if they didn't work during the last match (I heard from Poyo about your trying to Confuse his Dragonite with Spiritomb, and then Draco Meteor it with Hydreigon).
5. Tim - GGs man, I knew you would win Game 1, so I got lucky when you had to leave. XD
7. Tyson - I'm surprised you lost to Brandon. O_o You got this next time. Bee
7. Sakura - GGs, fun set. Bee
9. Sasab - Didn't play you.
9. Raina - Didn't play you.
9. Denzel - Didn't play you.
9. Sarah - Sorry that you had to start off in Losers'. ^^;

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Re: Rise from the Ashes Results!

Post  RainaOkami on Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:43 am

I honestly thought I was going to make a comeback I honestly did XD
I thought I did well, well I mean I'm still near the bottom which is not a surprise.
anyways I was sooooooo close to beating Brandon, I didn't beat Ty that match which gave me a sad.
Battling Tyson I was kinda close with him as well but in the end he won as well.
I'm hoping next time I'll try to get better.
though I think I always say that and it doesn't happen that much. haha
well I could say left is awesometastic battles with everyone! Very Happy


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Re: Rise from the Ashes Results!

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