Revival of Pokemon Online: The True Test RESULTS AND SHOUTOUTS!

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Revival of Pokemon Online: The True Test RESULTS AND SHOUTOUTS!

Post  HitoshirezuJamal on Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:19 am

1. Jamal
2. Seth
3. Tim
4. Sakura
5. Brandon
5. Ensane
7. Ty
7. Raina
9. Gold (forfeit in both Winners' and Losers')
9. Sanna


Thank you for entering! Last tournament of the season! Bee

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Re: Revival of Pokemon Online: The True Test RESULTS AND SHOUTOUTS!

Post  Relyt on Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:23 am

1: Jamal: Congrats on beating Seth! That 5-0 was golden.

2: Seth: Congrats! That battle against Tim was priceless. XD

3: Tim: Congrats!

4: Sakura: Congrats! Shame you didn't beat Tim. D; Maybe next time. :p

5: Brandon: Your Umbreon can do die in a fire.

6: Ensane: Honestly, I was torn about this, because I could've had game 1. D; Misplays kill ya, I suppose. @Game 2

7: Ty: Ew, this is my worst placing ever. The only good thing I did in this tourney was have a funny entry name. XR

8: Raina: Didn't play.

9: Gold: WAI U FORFEIT?!

10: Sanna: Didn't get to play.

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Re: Revival of Pokemon Online: The True Test RESULTS AND SHOUTOUTS!

Post  sakurastardreams on Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:33 am

This was a fun tourney that turned out unexpected. XD Welp, time for me to post some shoutouts! XD

1. Jamal - Congrats on winning your first tourney! =D I didn't get to see your last matches with Seth (I was trying to get some homework done ^^Wink, but it sounds like you were having a fun Hax battle. XD
2. Seth - Having to face you in the second round (or at least, second for me XD) of the tourney was surprising. It was a close second battle! XD Too close. ^^; Great job getting second! =D Battling Jamal sounded tough with all the Hax. XD
3. Tim - I finally beat you! =D And then, you came-back in the semis. XD Well, the moment didn't last long for me, I guess. Good job on third place.
4. Sakura - Back to fourth place you go, little missy. XD Keep working with your team. You'll figure it out sooner or later. :p
5. Brandon - Was really hoping to face you in semis. I was preparing for that Umbreon of yours and everything. XD You did well though. =D
5. ensane - I was really scared for our match in the tourney. XD Considering the friendly we had before the tourney started. You battled well though. Hopefully, your shoulder wasn't hurt too badly though from the table. ^^;
7. Ty - Why you lose? D: We were supposed to battle in losers'! XD Good job though. Do better, Mr. Champion of the Pokemon League. >.> Jk. XD We battle next time. =D
7. Raina - I didn't really get to see you battle much. Looks like you held on though. Hoping to battle you next tourney! =D
9. Gold - Sad to see you forfeit. Hope you got a lot of work done on those sprites! =D
9. Sanna - Bro... what you be doing down there? XD You and me need to have another awesome tourney battle soon! =D Next time, Bro. Next time. XD

Other people I feel like mentioning:
Austin - Your skits were awesome to read during the tourney. Gave me good laughs. XD You're an awesome storyteller! =D
Tyson - Lame-o. You weren't on today at all. :/ Disappointment, my friend. XD
Poyo - You weren't on either. :/ Then again, I hardly ever see you on anymore. :/
Well, can't think of anyone else to mention right now, so I'll just leave shout-outs at that. XD

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Re: Revival of Pokemon Online: The True Test RESULTS AND SHOUTOUTS!

Post  RainaOkami on Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:21 pm

Eh xD.. well I was new with that team so it was all like eh felt so unprepared. But I still had fun.
Jamal: Congratulations : D for winning!
Seth: Eh I did bad xD.. but I wasn't expecting to win against you anyways. But awesomesauce job!
Tim: It was a good match xD though I was dying horribly.
Sakura: I never watched or played you. D: I hope I will next time though : D
Brandon: Well, hm I don't know what to say, But I thought you almost had Jamal there from the beginning xD lulz maybe next time!
Ensane: Didn't play or watch any matches by you.
Ty: I never played you! D: Maybe next time :3
Me: Disappointment me. Eh xD better than last, at least. On the outcome though I still had fun! xD
Gold: Why you forfeit?! I almost thought I had your pidgeot xD.. but almost dead Suicune and almost dead Sandslash + being asleep yeah I wasn't going to get far with that pidgeot lol.
Sanna: VICTORY!!! I has finally beaten your Snorri! I feel accomplished xD nooo but really that was a really good game though! : D I enjoyed it bunches~


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Re: Revival of Pokemon Online: The True Test RESULTS AND SHOUTOUTS!

Post  Poyo on Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:28 pm

I wasn't here but... I'll give shoutouts based on results and other shoutouts I guess. XD

1. Jamal - Congrats on getting first, you keeping Seth away from first let me get first on PR due to me not being able get online, so thanks for that, LOL. Joking aside though... Congrats on first! Very Happy

2. Seth - Based on Sakura's shoutouts... You got haxed... Again... That sucks, but I guess it's part of the game. =/ Next time we're in the same tourney, meet me in GFs! Very Happy

3. Tim - You finally got to fully attend a tourney, wish I could've battled the man previously first on PR... I have the worst times to be offline, when it rarely happens... EVER. ;_;

4. Sakura - Good job beating Tim (in winner's) and Ensane! Very Happy Looks like you did really well this tourney, I wish I could've saw it. D:

5. Brandon - Getting 5th HOW many times in a row now? Good job beating Ty. Despite your low placings... You always beat someone notable every tourney! XD

5. Ensane - I wish I could've saw your return to action. D:

7. Ty - ...You've fallen off ever since the league... Maybe it was just your 15 minutes of fame? PROVE US OTHERWISE, YOU'RE THE ONLY PERSON WHO TOOK A GAME FROM ME LAST TOURNEY! omfg

7. Raina - Did you have any hype? Wish I could know... XD

9. Gold (forfeit in both Winners' and Losers') - y u forfeit?

9. Sanna - Hope you had fun at the tourney... I know I didn't. ;_;

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Re: Revival of Pokemon Online: The True Test RESULTS AND SHOUTOUTS!

Post  Sasab on Wed Nov 09, 2011 9:31 am

...There was another tourney? ...lolwut?

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Re: Revival of Pokemon Online: The True Test RESULTS AND SHOUTOUTS!

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