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The Hero (Trope)

Post  HitoshirezuJamal on Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:38 am

(This trope comes from TV Tropes. However, the writing in this page is original.)

This is a trope of legend, and virtually everyone already has a strong grasp on who the hero is.

The Hero, plain and simple, is the good guy. He/she is almost always the protagonist (save cases where the protagonist is actually a villain), and goes out of their way to help people in need. They may be part of a group out of necessity, friendship, or even a combination of both. Usually (but not always), The Hero will be the de facto (or in some cases, official) leader of the team, and leads their friends into combat.

The main female (or if the hero is a female, male) lead will normally have romantic feelings for them (or vice versa), which are reciprocated in time.

The Hero will usually go up against a Big Bad (or several), and although he might initially have a tough time, he will almost always prevail in the end.


- Gold from Pokemon Gold's Adventures: Destiny of a Hero is perhaps the straightest example of a hero in a Pokemon hack. The title even has "Destiny of a HERO".

- Toran,
Gold's son,
is either this or a Type III Anti-Hero. Initially, the only reason he undertook his journey was (by his own admission) to get his friends back, and he was (and still is) very rebellious. He eventually mellowed out into a Type II by the beginning of Season 2, though he still maintains his rebellious side
(especially when it comes to Zaku).

- Sanna from Pokemon .E.D. fits this well. Although he doesn't fight physically, his Sync abilities allow him to "sync" with his Pokemon, give them a boost in power, and be a powerful opponent overall.

- Sakura from Pokemon Intertwined Destinies is this, albeit relatively inexperienced with her aura and Pikachu abilities. (She was not the leader of the team, however, as that goes mostly to Gold
or Andrew, although Gold may still be considered the leader, as he handled the mission directly, while Andrew really only sent NGH to assist Sakura and Daisuke. He did check up on the team in the end, though.)

- Tyson from Pokemon TGA.

- Jamal from Jamal's Pokemon Adventures. Although the group was led officially by Aidan for the majority of Season 1, Jamal is primarily considered the de facto leader of the team before and afterwards.

- Dakota from Dakota's Weird Pokemon Adventures qualifies as this.

- Pat from Pokemon Hack (the literal name of the series) borders between being this and being an Anti-Hero. At worst, though, he's a Type I Anti-Hero. Overall, he's more lazy than aloof, and he generally does not like seeing innocents get hurt, nor does he like to kill anyone, going as far as to
spare Giovanni, who had recently killed one of his friends as well as his best friend's grandfather, and had even attempted to go back on his word on killing Pat in return for sparing his (Pat's) friends.

The Dakomeister says:
Is Tyson like the MLK of hacking now?

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