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(This trope comes from TV Tropes. However, the writing in this page is original.)

The main villain. The person you face in a climactic battle to the finish for the fate of the world (usually, anyway).

They are the primary cause for the troubles that you've had to endure throughout a season or series. They may either be the leader of a criminal syndicate (in some cases, they might not even be the leader) or work independently.

Big Bads are usually split up into separate seasons, but they can also be the Big Bad of multiple seasons in a row as well (maybe even the entire series).



- Pokemon Gold's Adventure: Destiny of a Hero noticeably splits Big Bads into separate seasons.

Season 1: Silver, who is
Gold's Dark Spirit, or "brother" in a technical sense.
Season 2: Stanno.
He later has a Heel Face Turn by the time of Season 4.
Season 3:
Cloud (a.k.a. Zero), the leader of Organization Negative Zero, takes the role for most of the season through a Manipulative Bastard stance, until the very end, where Michael (a former ally of Gold's before he (Michael) went through his Face Heel Turn) steps in as the true Big Bad after Cloud is defeated. (Although to be fair, it was established near the beginning of the season that Michael had become a serious threat. Word of God also states that Cloud is physically weaker than Stanno. He reveals that he turned on Gold and became the Elite Trigun's test experiment in order to save his friend on Earth (who has been stated to be Alicia); after receiving his power, he became power hungry and wanted more, which resulted in Sasume adding more to power to Michael's Full-Cell Regen armor.
Season 4: Sasume,
who was indirectly responsible for all of the events in the series, starting from when he gave out 1% of his powers to newborns... which ultimately spawned the Dark Spirits. He is later revealed to be a Knight Templar, seeming to truly believe that creating a literal living Hell on Earth would make him a hero, while viewing Gold as the villain. In Toran's Fate, it is revealed that there was a Man Behind the Man, as Destiny had been corrupting Sasume's mind ever since he was born.

The movies also have their own Big Bads (all of them are canon, with the exception of the third and final one):

Pokemon Gold's Adventures Movie 1 - Eternal Legend (takes place between Episodes 20 and 21): Silver, the only Big Bad of a movie to also be a Big Bad in the main series as well.
Pokemon Gold's Adventures Movie 2 - King of the New World (takes place between Seasons 2 and 3):
King, who originally appears to be a pretty nice guy, reveals his true motives after he kidnaps Gold's Pikachu - he plans to become the literal king of the world, and caught Mewtwo as a bodyguard, but decided that he wanted at least one more sufficient servant.
Pokemon Gold's Adventures Movie 3 - Revelations (not canon):
Vincent, who serves the same purpose as King, with the exception of him getting a Monster Sob Story; he reveals that the reason he built the Steel Island Resort was for his beloved Mawile. Sometime before the events of the movie, Vincent's Mawile had been infected with a fatal disease; desperate for a cure, Vincent stumbled upon Jirachi, the Wish Maker. He wished for his Mawile to be saved, and Jirach granted the wish under the condition that Mawile be fed large quantities of steel frequently. This resulted in him wishing for Steel Island and his Dream World, which naturally attracted people to go there; Vincent killed them and offered them as sacrifices to his Mawile, and states that he can live with Mawile forever this way. Vincent's Motive Rant is met with a Shut up, Hannibal! from Gold. (Although granted, Vincent's Mawile being fed the dead and solidifed bodies of Gold's friends mid-speech is not exactly pity-invoking.)

- Pokemon Toran's Fate:

Season 1: Legion
(a.k.a. Zaku, Toran's best friend who went through a Face Heel Turn). When Toran exclaims that when Zaku was sent back in time, that was when Legion appeared, and that it wouldn't make sense for Legion to be him (Zaku). Zaku then proceeds to explain exactly why it does make sense: the time travel aspect. While in the past, Zaku was told by the Council of the "evil deeds" that Toran would be committing, resulting in him becoming a Knight Templar. He had been instructed by Hammi to return to the present, kidnap Oasha, and take the Orb of Life; once Toran had shattered the Orb, his goal was the Shards that came from it.
Season 2: Zekrom,
the former best friend of Reshiram who ruled the world alongside him before he (Zekrom) went through his sudden Face Heel Turn, evident by him destroying an entire city, almost killing Reshiram in a fierce battle, and then leaving Reshiram and his people with nothing.

- Pokemon .E.D.: Although serving primarily as the Big Bad of Season 1, Stu has maintained a villainous role throughout the entirety of the series thus far, and serves as the de facto archenemy of Sanna.

Other Big Bads include:

Season 1/2: Bug Master
Season 2: Franky,
Sanna's brother, who had a Face Heel Turn after he was unable to save the life of his girlfriend.
Season 3: Lord D.

- Pokemon Intertwined Destinies has had Rizer so far, who has been the Big Bad for 2 straight seasons (Seasons 2-3) as the leader of Team Crimson Flare and Sakura's archenemy (although not directly appearing in Season 1, his team does),
before he is defeated in Season 3 by Sakura and Daisuke.

- Pokemon TGA - Aria,
has been the direct Big Bad of Seasons 2 and 3, and The Woman Behind the Man in Season 1 to Maxie (the primary Big Bad of Season 1). She served as Tyson's archenemy,
although she later turned out to be a Type II Anti-Villain, and revealed to Tyson (after he defeated her) that she always loved him, before dying. Exactly why she was forced to be "evil" is still unexplained.

Other Big Bads include:
Season 4: Genba,
whose actions have set off the entire series in motion. Tyson himself has become increasingly antagonistic as well, albeit with a Freudian Excuse. His sister, Raika, revealed to him that his entire life has essentially been a lie; to put a long story short, Aria's evil actions were all a part of a Jerkass Facade, and was all part of an extended plan to get Tyson strong enough to defeat the man that sought after their Aura (which was fatal to them when drained), Genba. Tyson... did not take the news well at all, and attempts to kill Dako after Raika revealed to him that she told Dako everything (and Tyson believed that he could have been stopped by Dako from killing his own mother), and succeeds in killing Sanna.

- Dakota's Weird Pokemon Adventures - Tony was the Big Bad of Seasons 1-3, taking the role of Dakota's archenemy
until his defeat and subsequent Heel Face Turn at the climax of Season 3.

Season 4: Yin
Season 5: Kojiro. It should be noted that Kojiro, the primary Big Bad of Season 5, is physically weaker than the previous Big Bads, but is the most skilled Pokemon Trainer in the series shown so far.

- Seth's Pokemon Adventures splits Big Bads into separate seasons:

Season 1: Sentou
Season 2: Zaphrix appears to be The Heavy to Giovanni at first, until
Giovanni is killed by Seth, and considering that Zaphrix was noticeably a larger threat anyway, makes Zaphrix the de facto Big Bad.
Season 3: Kento

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