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Powers (Trope)

Post  SageDakota on Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:10 am

Powers have been used in hacks for a long time.

Originating in TrainerDor's Water Pokemon Legend, Powers were used by the hero (or the villain) of the story to power up their Pokemon (E.G. Pokemon Legends in Water Pokemon Legend by TrainerDor, or Sync in Pokemon .E.D. by sannaCollier).

In earlier hacks (before animation) some hackers would use text, and put commands for the character in the dialogue of that character using their powers. (E.G. "Doryan: -eyes glow white-")

After animation was introduced into Pokemon hacks, hackers began to animate their characters using their Powers. Today, powers are used in nearly every hack (but not used by every character).

There are three different types of Powers in hacks:

  • Pokemon-related Powers: Hacks that use this type of powers usually focus more on Pokemon battling and less on actual hand-to-hand combat. This usually involves the user connecting with his/her Pokemon and increasing their strength.
  • Superhuman Powers: Superhuman Powers are the most common type of Powers in hacks. This usually involves a character having the ability to use Elemental Powers, shoot energy blasts, increase their strength and/or speed, and even a combination of all of the above.

  • Transformation Powers: These Powers are closely related to Superhuman Powers, but do not necessarily have to be. Transformation Powers allow the user to change their shape, usually allowing them to access a variety of abilities.


- Doryan, Archie, Maxie, and Koga from TrainerDor's Water Pokemon Legend are known as Pokemon Legends. The abilities of Pokemon Legends vary on the type of Pokemon that Legend is bound to. Pokemon Legends' abilities are normally genetic, and are passed down to the next generation. This is a type of Pokemon-related and Superhuman Power.

- Gold, Silver, and Slifer from GoldFinale's (formerly known as GoldsAdventureStorys) Pokemon Gold's Adventures: Destiny of a Hero have the attribute of Light. Each person who possess Light powers have the ability to unlock 4 Transformations, each giving them a boost in multiple areas. This is a type of Superhuman and Transformation Power.

- Sanna, Knight, and Franky from sannaCollier's Pokemon .E.D. have the power called Sync which allows them to connect to their Pokemon, automatically have instant maximum friendship with them, and boost their strength They can also use Full Sync, which has different effects, such as allowing the user to fuse their synced Pokemon with anything they wish, including themselves. This is a type of Pokemon-related Power.

- Tyson from PokemonTysonLegend's (formerly known as Narufreak2) Pokemon TGA and Sakura from sakurastardreams's Pokemon Intertwined Destinies have the power of Aura, though both differ in their own ways. TGA's Aura allows the user to connect to their Pokemon and surroundings, while PID's Aura allows the user to connect to the souls of other living beings. This is an example of all three types of Powers.

- Jamal from HitoshirezuJamal's (formerly known as PokemonMasterJamal3) Jamal's Pokemon Adventures is called a Hitoshirezu Warrior. Hitoshirezu Warriors can transform to boost their Darkness-related abilities, as well as increase their strength and speed. This is a type of Superhuman and Transformation Power.

- Dakota and Tristin from trainerduckie's Dakota's Weird Pokemon Adventures is known as a Lucario Warrior. Lucario Warriors can transform into oddly-colored wolfs, giving them a major increase in speed. This is a type of Superhuman and Transformation Power.



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