Pokemon Gold's Adventures: Destiny of a Hero (Series)

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Pokemon Gold's Adventures: Destiny of a Hero (Series)

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Pokemon Gold's Adventures: Destiny of a Hero is a Pokemon hack series that began in 2008, created by GoldsAdventureStorys (now going under GoldFinale). The series starts on a simple request from the titular character's mother for him to pick up groceries from Viridian City, and eventually goes on to become one of the most beloved hack series of all time (maybe even the most).

While on his adventure, Gold discovers that he has the Power of Light and is destined to become a hero. Although he is initially reluctant to do so, he is eventually persuaded to carry out his fate by his grandfather (nicknamed "Gramps"), and wards off several forces, each one being more dangerous than the last.

This series is especially notable for being one of the very few hacks to have a proper ending, rather than being Cut Short, with 4 seasons (95 episodes total), 2 movies (both of them canon to the series), and 1 spinoff series (Pokemon Lendon's Hoenn Journey) being made during its official run. However, the series franchise remains strong, with a sequel (Pokemon Toran's Fate), 1 additional movie (non-canon), and a remake of Season 1 titled Pokemon Gold's Adventures DP (still in progress) being made after the actual series ended. There will also be an upcoming special spun off from Pokemon Gold's Adventures: Destiny of a Hero titled Pokemon Ryouken's Hope (which was originally intended to be a series).

Badass: A lot of characters, but Gold and Andrew in particular.

Big Bad: Split up into seasons, with each Big Bad being more powerful than the last (with the exception of Cloud, who's weaker than Stanno, but stated to be a more skilled fighter.

  • Season 1: Silver
  • Season 2: Stanno
  • Season 3: Cloud, Michael
  • Season 4: Sasume

The Chosen One: Gold is this, hence the title "Destiny of a Hero".

The Determinator: Gold. His fights against Sasume and
solidify this.
He still loses against the latter, though.

Disc One Final Boss:
After Cloud is defeated, Michael reveals himself to be the true antagonist of Season 3, having kidnapped Gold's entire family: His mom and dad (although he wasn't aware the latter was his dad until Michael informed him), his son, and his Pikachu.

The Dragon: Chaos to Silver, Axel to Stanno, One to Cloud,
and a zombified Sanna to Sasume.

Face Heel Turn: Michael
and Gold himself to an extent, due to the side effects of Burst making him 10% more evil with each transformation; he got better in the end when his slate was wiped clean after transforming for the 10th time.

Final Battle:
Gold vs. Andrew, which results in Gold's second death.

Heel Face Turn: Salina, and technically speaking, Silvera (who was a part of Silver, but was never evil himself).

The Hero: Gold, obviously.

Heroic Sacrifice: Lendon pushing Gold out of the way of Silver's attack and taking it head on, Red deciding to fuse with Gold permanently to help defeat Stanno, and Gramps sacrificing his life to allow everybody to escape from the dark dimension before it explodes.

Relative Button: Telling Gold that you enjoyed killing his family (we find out that his son and Pikachu survived, though) is not the smartest thing to say right in front of his face.

Used to Be a Sweet Kid:
Sasume really only wanted friends when he was younger, but was rejected by everyone due to his hideous appearance. This caused him to become a vengeful Knight Templar who wanted to turn the world into a literal Hell as punishment to the society that rejected him since his birth (although Toran's Fate reveals that Destiny had been corrupting his mind since birth as well).

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