Month of the Delibird RESULTS AND SHOUTOUTS!

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Month of the Delibird RESULTS AND SHOUTOUTS!

Post  HitoshirezuJamal on Sat Feb 04, 2012 7:46 am

1. Seth
2. Poyo
3. Ty
4. Tim
5. Jamal
5. Sarah
7. Raina
7. SSM

Yes, I know... EXTREMELY LATE, and my only excuse is that I was too lazy to post it. I'll try to put up results threads ASAP from now on.

Other than that, thanks for entering! Bee

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Re: Month of the Delibird RESULTS AND SHOUTOUTS!

Post  Poyo on Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:00 am

Well, a 2 month late results thread equals 2 month late shoutouts! omfg

1. Seth - Good stuff winning, we always have the best GFs. That Scald burn game 2 of our second set was heartbreaking though. GGs though, you always give me the most fun battles. Very Happy

2. Poyo - Disappointed in my placing, but that's what happens when you experiment with teams in tourney, LOL. Still had a good time at this tourney though. XD

3. Ty - GGs, I'm pretty dumb for testing teams after I won game 1 in our Winner's set, but hey, I got revenge in Loser's Finals. ;D

4. Tim - I wanted to play you for a long time and glad I finally got to. An Espeon being the weakness to your team though... Never would've expected that. O.o GGs! XD

5. Jamal - We probably would've had a game 3 if not for the hax game 2, GGs anyway though.

5. Sarah - Good stuff beating our second on PR first round, ironic how your placing still ended up tying with his though. XD

7. Raina - Not sure what to say, but I battled everyone in this tourney except you and Sarah. Weird how I battled everyone except the girls. XD

7. SSM - GGs. Honestly, you should've beat me game 1, I was playing terribly that game, but you made some mistakes. I stepped it up game 2 at least. XD

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Re: Month of the Delibird RESULTS AND SHOUTOUTS!

Post  SilverShiningMoon on Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:05 am

XD Poyo I just suck...

I congradulate everyone and well I suck...Straight to the point

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Re: Month of the Delibird RESULTS AND SHOUTOUTS!

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