PEF Update!

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PEF Update!

Post  SilverShiningMoon on Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:31 pm

Alright...A major update to my hack...

The story has been changed alot. The title's been changed to Pokemon Eternal Fate.

The story.

Once a boy lives his life, awful. He would always get bullied and he felt like suiciding...Though, one day he thought he'd join the evil T.E but while he was on his way, he saw a pokemon, Umbreon, getting bullied by a Mightyena and Houndoom, and Silver's life flashed before him, all the times he got bullied. He helps Umbreon, to fail, and gets a headache, he wakes up in a crater, with the two pokemon dead...
(Before this) He goes to school...Blah blah blah.
(After) While going on his journey he meets friends, enemies, and his cousin, who has a secret. Later he befriends a girl, who gets captured. Leading up to them trying to save her, and to end up battling her and the T.E's leader? Who will live. Who will die. Find out, at the PEF Season 1 Finale.

*Season 1 update*

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