Hacker Community Interviews II: PokemonTysonLegend

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Hacker Community Interviews II: PokemonTysonLegend

Post  Relyt on Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:55 am

This interview was taken on April 6th, 2012.

Austin = Blue
Jamal = Red
Tyson = Hot Pink Green

Something else I should mention is that this is the second interview. Why is it being posted? It was the first one reviewed.

(4:01 PM) Jamal: Hey everyone, and welcome to our second Hacker Community Interviews!

(4:01 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Hiya!

(4:02 PM) Jamal: Today, we have with us, PokemonTysonLegend (formerly known as Narufreak2), best known for his series "Pokemon Tyson's Grand Adventure", abbreviated as "Pokemon TGA"!

(4:02 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: 'Sup guys, how you doin' ?

(4:02 PM) Jamal: Now let's get this interview started!

(4:03 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: thumbs up

(4:03 PM) Jamal: Question 1: What would you say your favorite villain that you've created for any series would be?

(4:03 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Hmm good question!
(4:03 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Personally, my favorite villain would actually have to be Aria. XP
Big shocker there, I know. xD

(4:04 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: I liked the fact that I could trick everyone into thinking she was truly evil.
(4:05 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Still, she was a villain, despite any intentions her character may have had.

(4:05 PM) Jamal: Haha, makes sense! You certainly had me fooled that she was evil, but people aren't always what they seem to be.

(4:06 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Exactly!
(4:06 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: I wanted people to hate her and dislike her character as much as they could, before completely reversing everything they knew and thought of her.

(4:07 PM) Jamal: Very cunning, if I do say so myself! Now, I'll let my co-interviewer, Austin, ask the next question!

(4:07 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Thank you, and oooh Austin's turn!

(4:08 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : It has come to my attention that the next episode of TGA, your main hack, focuses heavily on me. Can you drop a few hints about said episode?

(4:08 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Sure.
Well, Austin's character may seem pretty small in some of my series, and primarily in TGA at the moment, but he does play a huge role overall.

(4:09 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Considering that Austin is a time traveler, he's crucial to my plot. Anyway, the next ep does revolve around him and a new character that will be introduced that will shape up to be his love interest.
(4:10 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Austin has not had much screen time yet, so his character is yet to be fully exposed and the audience themselves do not really understand how he will be, but I aim to make him more "TGA-Unique" in a sense.
(4:11 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: I love how other hackers, such as GoldFinale (GoldsAdventureStorys) have portrayed Austin. He's shown to be quite strong, and quite the comedian as well, but I do not want to focus on that as others who have followed that trend.
(4:12 PM)TysonLegend, the Narufreak: I do want people to see how he's strong, but there's more to his character than that. I want there to be complexity, a personality that seems almost wise, but at the same time young. The next episode focuses on his character development (along with other characters), but I really want to further show people who Austin truly is, in a sense.

(4:13 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : I agree with you. It's good to see something fresh in a character. My co-interviewer, Jamal, will ask the next question.

(4:14 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Bring it!

(4:16 PM) Jamal: Question 3: By your own admission, you have a franchise-wise plot that can easily confuse new viewers, such as the same character appearing in multiple timelines (E.G. Yanna appearing in both TGA and PTMC in different incarnations). I've noticed that your trailer has cleared up questions about this, but will you get to explain the rest of it soon?

(4:17 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Most definitely!!! I have taken into account that new viewers could easily get lost through all the different forms of my characters. One of my upcoming projects that I plan to create is "Pokemon The Master Rebellion."
(4:18 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: It's a movie that will wrap up both PTMC and PAR, but at the same time further elaborate on why there happens to be different versions of different people, and it will further show how all my series are interconnected.
(4:18 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: It won't completely share everything, because some of the other series will provide details.

(4:19 PM) Jamal: Ooh, for fans that haven't heard about this movie yet, you'd better keep a close eye out on your subscription box! This movie is definitely something to look forward to!

(4:19 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Yes! I haven't necessarily planned out how long it'll be. So I may have to create one more ep of PAR and one more episode of PTMC before developing the movie.
(4:20 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Still, I'm sure people will enjoy it.

(4:21 PM) Jamal: Definitely looking forward to it! Now, the question will go to Austin!

(4:24 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : Very well.
(4:24 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : I have noticed something in your particular spriting technique...
You seem to just love obscure hair schemes!

(4:25 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Yeah!

(4:25 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : Can you explain your reasoning for this?

(4:25 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Well, it originally started with Tyson.
(4:26 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: I guess, I always thought his sprite looked too plain with just white hair, so I was like, what if he naturally had a black tip of his hair?
Then I began experimenting with other sprites to see how they would appear with different colors. It grew on me.

(4:26 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Lately, I'm becoming more relaxed with this weird color scheme, but it's still fun now and then to witness the changes.
(4:27 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Plus, eventually, I even managed to create a good legitimate plot reason as to why Tyson has black and white hair, so everything fit perfectly.
(4:27 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: A scientist must experiment to succeed.

(4:27 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : Good answer. Next question, Jamal?

(4:28 PM) Jamal: Question 5: What would you say your main protagonists' (each of them) most defining characteristics are for each series?

(4:30 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Wow that's a good question..
(4:30 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: In Tyson's case, I'd say he can be easily defined as a confused teenager, who tries to be optimistic, but cannot get a break.
(4:32 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: He doesn't really know what he wants. He's bored when he's at peace. He's entertained in dangerous situations, but doesn't like having to deal with the situations. The only thing he does know is that he can deal with it all because he's got his buds to back him up.
(4:32 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Alex is easily a carefree spirit, who is actually easily swayed, but wishes to prove himself.
(4:33 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: He loves the thrill of Pokemon Battles, and would prefer avoiding danger, unlike his father. Not to mention, that he wants to aspire to be the best at whatever he does so that he can gain some recognition from the people around him.
(4:33 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: He's a goofball at times as well.
(4:34 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak:
For Axess, he's more serious, and pensive. He doesn't really take things lightly, but he does have that heroic side to him that is inherited essentially from his family. He likes to think things through, but he's easily angered.

He is the kind to want peace, and be happy with boredom in life knowing that everyone is safe.
(4:37 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak:
Kai is a distraught boy who dislikes fighting but will proceed with his friends. He's sort of like a parallel of Tyson, except that he knows what he wants, and unlike Tyson who eventually manages to obtain a good life, Kai loses everything he has. He loses his family, his country is against him, and as you saw through the trailer, he's seperated from his friends, he can't even return to his own dimension. He's just lost without hope, and only wishes to get everything back.

(4:37 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak:
I think those define my characters well. Each are similar through their heroism, but all are different in what they want, how they act, and what they believe in.

(4:40 PM) Jamal: I see, I see! Tyson seems to be an average teenager at heart, Alex is an optimistic individual, Axess is peaceful and brave, while Kai is the most tragic of them all.
(4:40 PM) Jamal: A tragic hero, if you will.

(4:40 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak:
Completely, it's his tragedy that causes everyone else to go disarray.

(4:41 PM) Jamal: Yes, it definitely makes sense! Now, my co-interviewer has the honor of asking the next question!

(4:42 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : Have any real life experiences influenced your hack at all?

(4:43 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Real life experiences? Well actually yeah.
(4:44 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: We all have moms who annoy us, who bug us, and who just sometimes we wish could shut up. I think my strict mother made me really incorporate Aria into my hack. Don't get me wrong, I don't wish my mom dead! In fact, I never planned for Aria to be a villain, or DIE for that matter. Still, I liked the idea of a strict mother in a hack as opposed to the "every young boy has to go away from home someday " (or along those lines) mother.
(4:46 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Also, when I was a kid, I always squinted my eyes, and people around me look sort of deformed as if they were being split, so I saw like a different them, in a way.
(4:47 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: I'm sure you guys tried that as well.

(4:47 PM) Jamal: Yep, I did it all the time.

(4:48 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Anyway, I thought of that idea, and came up with Dark-Tyson because I thought of Tyson being split. A person within another. I also feel like I suffered some memory loss from when I was a boy due to some car crash I had when I was young. Sure, they weren't important memories, but the idea of memory loss made me incorporate it for Tyson losing his memories of when he was young.
(4:48 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: It's those small little things that can change a lot.

(4:49 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : I see. Makes sense.

(4:49 PM) Jamal: I shall take the next question!
(4:50 PM) Jamal: Question 7: Has your series been inspired/have any references to things like other hacks/anime/manga/cartoons/comics/etc.? If so, what franchises in particular?

(4:50 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Now we all know it most definitely has Naruto. Plain and simple. I am- er, was Narufreak2
(4:52 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: The whole ninja based anime really influenced making PTN, (which at the time was suppose to be completely seperate from anything TGA related). It also made me like the whole type of bonds between friends, and helped me establish how to make a good rivalry between Sas-, I mean Dakota, and Na- I mean Tyson ( JK).
(4:53 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Kingdom Hearts also influenced me. The whole idea of travelling between dimensions and meeting new people, the fact that somehow every single person plays a huge role in their universe was really popping out to me.
(4:54 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: The KH dimension idea helped me create the whole dimensions idea in my hacks, then I further elaborated on it with alternate people and etc.

(4:54 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : Interesting.

(4:54 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: I was also inspired to create my series based on Sanna's first series.
(4:55 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: He is the one who inspired me to hack, so I appreciate sannaCollier very much XD.

(4:56 PM) Jamal: It's amazing what series can inspire people to truly bring out a creative storyline! That's the beauty of it all!
(4:56 PM) Jamal: And we all know Sanna is an amazing and talented hacker!

(4:57 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: He's amazing! I love his hacks, and look forward to what he comes out with next.

(4:58 PM)Jamal: Moving on to our next question... Austin will take this one!

(4:59 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : Tyson, what is your take on proper story-telling? Like, what are you interested in telling in a story, and what would you prefer to NOT tell in a story?

(5:01 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Well, story-telling wise, you have to inform people of where things are taking place. You have to tell them what is currently happening in that era, because that information could prove useful later on in understanding why things work the way they do.
(5:01 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Not to mention, you must also be able to describe your characters, and share maybe some background information about them.
(5:02 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: I don't recommend sharing too much, their whole life isn't really important to know, but just small little details that could prove useful would be nice.
(5:02 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Humans are curious beings and they wish to know more about others, so it's only natural that you share that about the characters.
(5:03 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: In a story though, I am deeply entertained by the manner of speech, and of course the plot.
(5:04 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: There has to be a balance. If the characters are amazing, but the plot is stale, then it won't be that interesting and vice-versa. If it's balanced, you have just the right percentage to really dish out the perfect story.
Sometimes though, it's nice to omit certain plot details so that the viewer/reader can decide for themselves what happened, or to get them thinking about it. That's my intake on it though.

(5:04 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: By not including certain details, people can become even more curious and read on to eventually find out if it is ever leaked. ;P

(5:05 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : I agree with you. Things that go unexplained can be extremely fun to think about yourself.

(5:06 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Indeed.

(5:06 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : Next question, Jamal?

(5:06 PM) Jamal: Question 9: Are there any details you would like to share about your hacks?

(5:07 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Hmmm…
(5:07 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Expect the unexpected.
Especially in TGA

(5:08 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: I've already shown that appearances aren't always true, but there will come a time when more than that is proven and it can all be disproven.
(5:08 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Also, another detail is that unlike PAR, PTMC will continue on onto a new season after the movie, but it will be different in a way.
(5:09 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: The movie is canon, so this season takes place after that. Meaning, anything that happens in the movie, will have happened by the time of the new season.
(5:09 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: PTMC's new season takes place after the occurrences of TGA Shouhen, so it's important to keep that in mind. It'll help in knowing why certain people are gone, and others are there.
So yup.

(5:10 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : Very interesting.

(5:10 PM) Jamal: Ooh, I never knew there would be a new season! Awesome!

(5:10 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : Now, the last question, but not least..... (Actually, I'd say it's the most important one!)

(5:11 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: thumbs up

(5:11 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : What's with all the interest in my characters, HM? Haha, in every one of your hacks, I play this huge role! Hell, my Time Amulet is the reason why all of your hacks are connecting!

(5:13 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Well, there are other ways I thought of that could help in connecting my series. I had many ways planned out, but I had to think of the people watching. I don't want everyone to be even more confused, so I thought your character was perfect for the role. Also, you are already a time traveler, so your character just fit the role perfectly.
(5:13 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: The Time Amulet is also a really interesting idea. I liked it a lot.
(5:13 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Plus, I'm not ready to let TGA go...at least not yet.
(5:14 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Without your character, or well, without a reason to connect my series, TGA would be ending 9 eps from now, without continuation.
(5:14 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: I think there's so much more I can do. Your character helped connect my series, thus promoting them all instead of one, and it gets people to have to watch all the series to seek out the little details that fill in the blanks.
(5:15 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: It's kind of like a hunt, you have to hunt for the clues to complete everything.

(5:15 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : Oh yes. Your first major series is like a child: you don't wanna let it go, even when it's all grown up!

(5:15 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: All the clues won't be in one place, so I thought it'd be fun to have people search.
Basically. TGA's my first ever series, it got me started, and it'll be a sad day when I have to let it go.

(5:17 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : Excellent answers, my friend! Now, before we wrap things up...
(5:17 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : Any last words you have to say? Perhaps a few shoutouts, stuff coming from you to look out for, etc.

(5:17 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Haha
Shoutouts to my friends, Dakota! (trainerduckie/LordHekena), Sakura! (sakurastardreams)

(5:18 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Those two are always helping me and they're just amazing friends!
(5:19 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: I've already mentioned Gold, and Sanna, but shoutouts to them too! I thank you and Jamal for your time, and you know...SHOUTOUTS TO ALL THE PHC! Love you guys!

(5:19 PM) Sha-AustinWasHere:MichaelAndAnimaaShallPayWheneverRealLifeAustinMakesTheDamnSkit : Very good, very good! Well people, you should all get used to seeing more from our friend Tyson here! You'll be seeing him a lot in these interviews! See ya next time!

(5:19 PM) TysonLegend, the Narufreak: Oh, and stay tuned into my series! I know I don't upload that often, but… yeah!

(5:19 PM) Jamal: Definitely look forward to it, everyone!
(5:19 PM) Jamal: This is Pokemon Hacker Interviews... signing off!

Channels of people involved:
(Interviewee) PokemonTysonLegend [Link]

(Interviewer) PokemonTrainerAustin [Link]

(Interviewer) HitoshirezuJamal [Link]

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