Chris's Pokemon Adventures Remake

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Chris's Pokemon Adventures Remake

Post  Salkor2 on Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:44 am

Chris is a normal teen who has just become a Pokemon trainer. Thanks to his grandma, he know has a Bulbasar. On his way to Viridan City, his first stop on his journey with friend Hijo, He sees the Mayor of Viridan, bleeding and slowly dying. Chris tells Hijo to go on without him as he tells his mom about everything. Little did he know, Chris sees a ghost. The Ghost turns out to be his older brother that he never knew about. Chris learns that his brother Salkor Killed the mayor in order to attain "Life Force", a spiritual substance that allows Ghosts to stay in the real world, and keep from passing on. Chris makes a bold move to keep Salkor's bond to the Real world last longer by offering half his life force. This, Unknown by Chris(unknown for only for a few episodes), gives Chris the power of "Darkness Bond" With allows Chris to break his life force ties with Salkor in order to give him Dark powers that were attained from Salkor. Chris wishes to continue his Adventure although these events took place.

* The events of this story above are in the first episode.


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