Pokemon: Quest of the Ice Master (First episode is up, fully animated series)

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Pokemon: Quest of the Ice Master (First episode is up, fully animated series)

Post  Guest on Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:08 am

Okay, so before I go into detail for this, I want to say, reading this you will learn a bunch of stuff that probably will be revealed later on. This shouldn't have any spoilers, it'll just clear things up.

Pokemon: Quest of the Ice Master

This series takes place in a region isolated from most of the other pokemon regions in the pokemon world. This region is Ryugami (Should mean dragon god, but I'm not sure). When the region was first created, Arceus created humans and pokemon for the region, and created them as equals. He/she (whatever Arceus is) created 7 original families and gave them each the ability to wield abilities similar to those of pokemon. But because humans were rash and abusive of power, Arceus put limitations on the age at which abilities could be 100% used, and taught the family leaders how to explain the guidelines to using their powers. Each family had their own rite of passage for a child to gain control of their abilities, and through that, they would learn how to control their powers. Of all the families, the Ryu family was the strongest. They took control of the region quickly and named it Ryugami, after their name.

The Ryu's family rite of passage was also the most dangerous and most rewarding. Children of the Ryu gained control of their pokemon-like abilities depending on how strong the overall abilities were. Lesser abilities such as self heating or telepathy were received early in life, but stronger and more dangerous abilities such as control over the elements weren't received till teenage years, 20 being the oldest age possible to gain access to your power. The rite of passage for gaining control and access to the ability was a horrifying bout of incurable sickness. The stronger the ability, the later in life the sickness is caught and the more deadly it is.

Back to history, about 500 years after the creation of the Ryugami region, war broke out between all 7 clans of humans. Fighting alongside their pokemon, the war hurt many innocent people through invasions and other war stuff. After 300 years of fighting, Ho-oh, legendary pokemon of the rainbow begin to worry about the state of the region. If the fighting were to continue, the clans would extinguish each other and the people and pokemon would all be wiped out. Because of that, Ho-oh inhabited the body of the 42nd heir to the Ryu throne and fought in annihilated all the sources of corrupt thoughts and individuals who were the causes of the war. The ability to channel Ho-oh's spirit through ones self became know as the most powerful ability obtainable, and was never given to a human ever since that time.

1000 years after the war, a new set of rulers role up. These people were the 7 elemental masters of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Ice, and Light. Each master came from a different clan and was able to fully control their element. They protected peace and were the noblest of the people at that time. The Master of Ice, came from the Ryu family, and he was the purest (kindest, most peaceful, and most innocent) of the 7. However, the master of light turned against the people of the region and obtained the power of darkness, corrupting people's minds and souls. Because of this, the master of ice went to seek out the help of Kyurem to fight against the other 6 masters. But when he encountered Kyurem, it refused to help him and attacked the ice master. After a long battle, the Ice master captured Kyurem's essence by placing his soul in a sword of ice; the Setsuryu. With Kyurem's power he defeated (didn't kill) the other 6 masters and restored peace.
Them Kyurem rebelled and the ice master died. End of history lesson.

Modern Day:
The powers of the 7 families have been diluted with the blood of foreigners and the abilities are kept secret from the general public. Pokemon and people live in harmony like that always have and life is normal. With the influence of other cultures, gyms have begun popping up around the region. The first pokemon league of the Ryugami region is still yet to be held.
Edwin Ryu and Blitze Ryu are 2 of the few remaining full blooded Ryu family members remaining in the world. Blitze has entered her sickness rite of passage and Ed is attending a pokemon school like any normal person would. He is friends with Inal, the school genius, who is a full blooded descendant of the Animus family. Because Inal is a genius, he has completed all the courses at the entire school as a sophomore (15 years old) and basically just screws around. He can crush anyone in a pokemon battle, as demonstrated in the first episode. In this series, he aims for the pokemon league championship title and will begin his journey once the gyms officially open. Ed is tied to his home to take care of Blitze, and is stuck in his town.

SPOILER!!!! Do not read until you have seen the first episode! If you want to see it, type edfghb on your youtube search bar, click on the "edfghb" channel, and watch my most recent video

In the first episode, Blitze has been killed by a mysterious person wielding the pure power of fire, and his motives are unknown. Later, in episode 2 (unreleased, don't read unless you want to spoil yourself), Ed receives a letter of enrollment in a super high end private school for people with abilities like his. With that, he journeys to Shugestu Town to attend this school while Inal travels with him to the pokemon league. What will happen? You'll have to wait till I finish season 1 to find that out! Very Happy

What do you think? Feedback?


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Re: Pokemon: Quest of the Ice Master (First episode is up, fully animated series)

Post  Salkor2 on Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:08 am

Nice story. It sounds like something out of an RPG. Can't wait to watch!


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