Hiatus/Resignations Sub-Forum Rules (READ!!!)

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Hiatus/Resignations Sub-Forum Rules (READ!!!)

Post  HitoshirezuJamal on Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:23 am

This sub-forum deals with hiatuses/resignations for Staff Members, which serves as a way to let us know that you haven't abandoned/forgotten about the forums (if you're going on a hiatus) or that you don't really have time to go on with your duties for the foreseeable future (if you're resigning).

Since anyone that reads this is a staff member, the general rules should already be well-known to all of you. As for rules specific to this sub-forum...

1. When you post a topic here, please put either "(HIATUS)" or "(RESIGNATION)" in the title, so we can know exactly what the topic will be about even before opening the link.

2. If you're going on a hiatus, please specify how long you think the hiatus will last.

3. If you're resigning, please explain why you're resigning.

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