"The Hardest Working Unseen Hero" R.I.P Salkor2

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"The Hardest Working Unseen Hero" R.I.P Salkor2

Post  Salkor2 on Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:05 am

Hello. I have been going by so many names in my hack legacy, but I will always stay Salkor2.
I recently saw the RIP Trainerduckie thread, and even though its old, and even though only a few guests wander the forums, i'll just do the same thing he did.

My Story:

It was 2007. I was finally done with high school. With a big future ahead of me, and a summer to do nothing, i decided to play games, eat junk, and watch YouTube. I could only watch YouTube at my brothers house. I spent a few summers with him before, so i did it again in 2007...for the last time.
This was the greatest summer ever for 2 reasons: I bonded with my brother better than before. and I became a hacker. Me and my brother would play Roms and eat out all day, and during the night, i would stay up until 6am looking at YouTube. One of my interests was Pokemon, so i looked up LP's all the time. One time, i stumbled upon something new in one of my searches. I saw a Pokemon text hack with funny dialogue. I watched so many that night. I finally stumbled upon the good hacks. I watched TrainerDor's WPL and my jaw dropped. I was intrigued by the hacks. I watched Pokemon zero, i watched Sanna's work, and after all of that awesomeness, i just couldn't unsee what i saw. I would never be satisfied with just WATCHING. I had to MAKE one myself. (Good thing i got a laptop for my graduation gift). After looking up tutorials on hacking, i made my first show, Ghost Pokemon Legend. I was one of the first in the "Copy Dor's Hack" Craze, even though i never got noticed, it was worth it because i met a good friend in the process(Blaziken237). Blaziken was my first cast member in GPL. After making a Grass Pokemon Legend( This was before FloraEmerald), I decided to take a break and learn more about hacking.
For the rest of the year, i juggled having my first job, and learning to hack better(Of course, this was back when animation was non-existent, so i only needed to improve on plot and stuff). I got a manager to help promote and teach me.(Back when that was cool), named Mo2018. He also put me in his hack, Pokemon 3000. Fast forward to 2008. I was a better hacker by then, and i had a few sleeper projects like youngster Pokemon legend (With helped me make sprites better), Pokemon XD (Witch helped me make better Hack openings) and then i became a bleach fanatic, (Witch inspired me to make a new story for my next hack). My next hack was one of my favorites, I even tried to remake it 3 times. Chris's Pokemon Adventure was about Chris, a kid who could see ghosts. Chris was obviously the Ichigo of the hack. Chris and Hijo, his best friend go on an adventure. As they are about to enter Viridian City, they see the mayor has been attacked. He speaks his last words to Chris as he dies. Chris decides to go tell his mom. As he comes home, he sees a ghost, his older brother who he never knew about. This show lasted for 3 seasons, and it ended with a movie. I made some hacker friends in the process of this show. Nathan, and Sasuke. I wanted to continue the show, but after some guy who joined the cast wanted to change my show completely, i just deleted my account. I became notorious for making hacks, and deleting my channels after awhile. One of my old friends, PokemonTrainerAustin even made a video to tell me to stop because i should save my work. Now, After CPA Folded, I decided to let everyone know i retired. I stayed retired for about a year, and then came back. I kept using different names, and i kept making unmemorable hacks. I remember joining a Pokemon hack group just to plug my hack Pokemon X (witch was about a kid who makes jokes a lot. Think Pokemon + Shin Chan = Pokemon X). Around 2010, I started a few back hacks that led to one really good one. I started with Pokemon Adventure world, then Pokemon Evolution, then Pokemon Ranger Squad, then Grass Pokemon Legend, And then, I got this great idea about a hack where Team Rocket actually kills people other than trying to steal Pokemon. Giovanni would try to take over Kanto from a political approach. If he became the new Grand elder of Kanto, He would ban Pokemon training. The elite 4 and the gym leaders would ban together to stop him, and would get help from Ash's son, Rolyak (That was my account name at the time).
That show was Pokemon Trainers Unite!. I put all my skill into this hack and after only one season and a planned movie, it ended. When I found out about the Poke Hack community forums in 2011, i joined to plug PTU!. I even said i was a new hacker like the other new hackers like nomomnomable and the admins didn't like it. Mainly because in my tag video, i said i had been hacking for 5 years, witch is true. I was depressed because i couldn't animate like the others. I faded away and even though i consider myself a veteran, I was nothing more than the communities Shadow...an unseen hero who represents what hacking is about, having fun no matter who sees your hard work. I hope the community doesn't die. We have new hackers and vets like me who are very talented. I am planning on making a video about my hacks, with footage from the shows, as my goodbye to the hacking scene. Goodbye PHC, Goodbye Hacking....


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