Road to the Pokemon League 2014 Results and Shoutouts!

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Road to the Pokemon League 2014 Results and Shoutouts!

Post  HitoshirezuJamal on Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:14 am

1. xXtyking1224Xx (Ty)
2. ScarletShiny (Brandon)
3. PokemonBrightDreams (Poyo)
4. BoltTheTrainer (Bolt)
5. DestinyBuizel (Tim)
5. okamishiraunirules (Raina)
7. GoldFinale (Gold)
7. PokemonTysonLegend (Tyson)
9. LightningStarSakura (Sakura)
9. GracefulEclipse (Sarah)
9. PokemonTrainerAustin (Austin)
9. Chimchar009 (Nathan)
13. TatsuAce (Tatsu)
13. BlazeTheMovieFan (Blaze)
13. Flypikachu (Fly)


Thank you for entering, everyone! Bee

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Re: Road to the Pokemon League 2014 Results and Shoutouts!

Post  Poyo on Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:43 am

1. xXtyking1224Xx (Ty) - Well after being sent to the Shadow Realm by DA WAIFU. AGGGGGGHHHHHH NOT REALIZING I HAD TWO MEGAS UNTIL TEAM PREVIEW, THIS IS LIKE YOUR NEUTRAL NATURES WHEN I BEAT YOU LOL Well now we're 2-2 in sets as well as 2-2 in outplacing each other. TPL 2014 is gonna have a lot of things to say, one way or another ;D

2. ShinyScarlet (Brandon) - Dat Crawdaunt tho. It doing so much to Mega Scizor game 2 made me overestimate how much Mega Hera would do in the game 3 scenario. If my laptop didn't lag so bad when on Showdown I WOULDA CALCED DATTTTT, I'm sooooo dumb, I even calced at the end of game 1 of our set. Welp GGs, we're 3-2 now, not looking forward to making it even again. Looks like you're not ready to make that breakthrough to 1st yet, three 2nds in a row.

3. PokemonBrightDreams (Poyo) - I was a buster this tourney, all I can say. ;_;

4. BoltTheTrainer (Bolt) - I feel you played pretty good this tourney. Losing speed tie sucked. 2-0ing Gold was pretty good.

5. DestinyBuizel (Tim) - I THOUGHT you vs Gold was gonna be hype and I guess you got the "upset" but... **** DAT'S NOT ENTERTAINING. IF MY WEAVILE KNOCK OFF KILLED ROTOM-W, WOULDA BEEN A CLEAN 4-0 ON YO BUTTTTTTT

5. okamishiraunirules (Raina) - You sent DA HUSBANDO to the Shadow Realm, grats. XD

7. GoldFinale (Gold) - I actually feel pretty bad about this, I know you called off work for the tourney. Thought you were gonna do well and... Looks like all my predictions are wrong. Sorry if I jynxed you! D:

7. PokemonTysonLegend (Tyson) - Losing to 1st and 2nd to get 7th kinda sucks... XD

9. LightningStarSakura (Sakura) - BAHLKY TALONFLAME'S A THREATTTTTT


9. PokemonTrainerAustin (Austin) - YOU VS BLAZE HYPE WAS DABESSSS

9. Chimchar009 (Nathan) - Got 9th, but hey you did better vs Ty than I did silly Nathy! XDDDDDDDD

13. TatsuAce (Tatsu) - Sad my team couldn't pull through, I thought it was a cool team too! D:

13. BlazeTheMovieFan (Blaze) - You know what's up with Chansey's abysmal defense!

13. Flypikachu (Fly) - Close game 2 vs me, me having a close round 1 kinda made me realize I wasn't gonna do well, but didn't wanna tell my fellow competitors that during the tourney. You were scared of MegaCham WAAAAAAAAAY too much. Both games vs Sarah you coulda easily set up DDs on her Bullet Punch locked Scizor, but you were trying to (over)predict the MegaCham. You should respect how much a +1 155 attack Poke can do. You had guaranteed sweeps EZ PZ. I also followed in your mistake and accidentally ran 2 Megas later in the tourney. ;_____;

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