Oreo's Hack Adventures - Rise of the Illuminati

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Oreo's Hack Adventures - Rise of the Illuminati

Post  Bwarb Bwarb on Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:19 pm

My new hack series is about a 12 year old boy called Oreo Sleep who lives on his own on Pacidam Island. Everything is peaceful until a boy called 14 year old boy, Picchu study from a different dimension creates a machine that was supposed to take him back in time, but it instead takes him to the Pokemon Dimention.

There is also a clan of Ninja's called the 'Brawb Clan' Sheik who want the conquer the island. And on top of that there's a conspiracy group called the Illuminati Question who want to enslave everyone on the island.


Oreo: [My character]
Bwarbalina: [My Character]
Picchu: [Aqua Piplup's character]

The series should Premier on the 20th March on my Youtube Channel: Bwarb Bwarb
Bwarb Bwarb
Bwarb Bwarb

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