Pokemon: Young Ones

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Pokemon: Young Ones

Post  Kabune Ishida on Wed Mar 11, 2015 3:08 pm

Pokemon: Young Ones

This is the story of orphans Tyson and Kabune. Kabune is a 10 year old kid who dreams of being a trainer. The region of Asprig is become more and more dangerous for young ones so the age cap for being a Pokemon trainer starts at 16. Tyson is Kabune's older brother who is very protective of him. After the REGI's crashed on earth there is a criminal group by the name of Unit 51 who are trying to infiltrate the government to get a hold of the REGI's power. The REGI's are a name the government made up: Rebellious Extrinsic Galvanic Invaders. They are thought to be very powerful Pokemon that dropped to earth like gods. Unit 51 has done very violent things to get the REGI's. Kabune has been begging Tyson to let him go on a Pokemon journey Recently since Tyson is 17, some are saying Unit 51 has left Asprig and it has made Tyson change his mind. Little did they know, Kabune has an ability that is  the missing link between the REGI's and Asprig region.


Kabune: 10 year old who is eager to adventure out in the world. Ever since his parents died, adventuring is the only form of escapism he feels for. His parents have kept a great secret from him about his abilities. Inside of him is the power to bond with Pokemon, giving him the ability to talk to them.

Tyson: 17 year old Tyson went on an adventure of his own at 11 years old. His parents died when he was halfway across Asprig. After that day he swore to never leave his family, even if it's now just his little brother.


I plan on making Kanto into a completely different region, and that may make the release date or start date get pushed back.

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