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Staff of PokeHacking Community

Post  HitoshirezuJamal on Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:34 am

- Administrators are the founders of the forum and watch over the entire site. They are the highest on the hierarchy of the forums, and their orders should be unquestioningly carried out.

Only Dakota (KingDakota) and I (PokemonMasterJamal3) hold this rank.

- Super Moderators have most of the powers of an Administrator, save a few things. They are the 2nd-highest on the hierarchy of the forums, and answer directly to Administrators.

Our current Super Moderators are Gold and xXtyking1224Xx.

- Moderators are staff members who watch over (or moderate) certain parts of the forum. They are the 3rd-highest on the hierarchy of the forums, and answer to Administrators and Super Moderators.

Our current Moderators are provaud, sakurastardreams, Narufreak2, Sanna, and liekmudkipz111.

provaud moderates the "Anime & Manga" section (located in Off Topic), sakurastardreams moderates the "Hacks" section, Narufreak2 moderates the "Openings" section (located in Hacks), Sanna moderates the "Off Topic" section, and liekmudkipz111 moderates the "Competitive Pokemon Battling" section.

- Graphics Team members are a special group of staff members that create designs or graphics relating to the forums.

Our current Graphics Team members are KingDakota, Nomomnomable, and sakurastardreams.


Please make sure to respect all of the staff. If you have a problem with a staff member, please contact me or Dako. Staff members are like any other member of the site, and as such, they should not break the rules or abuse their power, or there will be consequences.

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