The Many Projects of a RedPanda

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The Many Projects of a RedPanda

Post  PHC RedPanda on Wed Jan 06, 2016 3:12 am


I don't know why I'm posting on the forum that only gets a small kick in activity every couple of months. I guess I'm just bored and need something to procrastinate on. However, it is nice for anyone who sees rom hacking on Youtube, searches it up on google and finds this website. So I'll leave a sort-of archive here about me. I'm RedPanda (IRL name is Nathan). I started fiddling with rom hacks in 2006. My first "hack" video was me showing a changed trainer battle, but I never made a series until REALLY early 2007. It was called Pokemon Gaurdian (yes, it was spelled like that) and it was on my channel: Pokeneard (again, it was spelled like that). It sucked compared to what is accomplished today in terms of writing, animating, and just about everything.

I then made other series on a new channel in 2009 called Chimchar009. It started with Pokemon Revelation, then Pokemon Sanctity, Pokemon Revelation X, Nathan's Pokemon Adventure, Pokemon Apokelypse... et cetera.

It wasn't until 2013 where I came back from a small hiatus (aka, a series of attempts at making a solid story). Ever since June 19, 2013, I have been working on multiple series and building more and more on this really fascinating universe I have created.

And... yeah!


These are a list of the big series I do. A main series, for me, is a really big story. They're all canon to each other in someway whether it be sequential or in an alternate universe connected by a plot device. Clicking each series will lead to a playlist where you can watch all of the episodes of the given title. Clicking the spoiler will reveal future episode titles.

Nathan's Pokemon Revelation Z
Season 6
Episode 54: Reborn
Episode 55: ...

Season 3
Episode 31: Equinox
Episode 32: Shattered
Episode 33: Lost
Episode 34: Apocalypse
Episode 35: Restore

The Twelve
Since this really doesn't have episode titles, I'm going to be spoiling the book (season) titles
The Twelve - Chaos
The Twelve - Corruption
The Twelve - Revenge
The Twelve - Comatose
The Twelve - Separated
The Twelve - United
The Twelve - Legacy
The Twelve - Torn*

*Still debating whether or not I want to make this season.

A Day Made With Lemonade [STILL IN PRODUCTION]
I'm working on this series with a few of my friends. DestinyBuizel, Patland12345, PokemonTrainerAustin, SakuraStarDream, and VioletLight! It should be out Spring 2016!


So I have made a lot of side series whenever I get stuck on a certain hack; it's normally rearing the possible "end" of a certain story arc. NPAR, technically, is canon to the main series universe, but I still deem it as a side series because of how in-the-background it was.

Nathan's Pokemon Adventure Redux
This series is on haitus.

I haven't really confirmed if this series is cancelled or not. I unlisted it because I didn't want people that I knew IRL watching it, so here, can you can watch it. I may upload more episodes unlisted for my PHC friends. So keep this playlist on handy in case I do!

I know this isn't a series technically, but it does, in fact have some kind of story. This kind of confirms there's more to come in the next year.
Hackoween [2016]
Hackmas [2016]


That sums up everything on my channel that has been uploaded 2013-2016. I don't know how long I'll be hacking or making shows. It is very in the air right now. There are a number of days where I just think if I quit I can move on, but I don't know what I want to move on to. I have found comfort in making these shows regardless of the low views. So, until the day where I can't make these series anymore, expect to see a lot of me in the future!
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Re: The Many Projects of a RedPanda

Post  PHC Bwarb on Fri Mar 18, 2016 3:40 am

You need to update this to include Pokémon Apokélypse.
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