That 70's Tournament (March 26th-27th, 2016) (Results and Shoutouts!)

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That 70's Tournament (March 26th-27th, 2016) (Results and Shoutouts!)

Post  HitoshirezuJamal on Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:55 am

1. BoltTheTrainer (Bolt)
2. GoldFinale (Gold)
3. PokemonTysonLegend (Tyson)
4. LightningStarSakura (Sakura)
5. LordHekena (Dakota)
5. ThatManKelsey (Kelsey)
7. ScarletShiny (Brandon) (forfeited in Losers)
7. HitoshirezuJamal (Jamal)


1st Gen OU:
1. PokemonTysonLegend (Tyson)
2. LordHekena (Dakota)
3. ScarletShiny (Brandon)
4. HitoshirezuJamal (Jamal)
5. GoldFinale (Gold) (forfeited in Losers)
5. LightningStarSakura (Sakura)
7. SaiyaKnight (Saiya)


Thanks for entering! Bee More tournaments will be coming soon!

On a side note, Bolt is the first person to win one of my 6th Gen tournaments without dropping a game!

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Is Tyson like the MLK of hacking now?

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Re: That 70's Tournament (March 26th-27th, 2016) (Results and Shoutouts!)

Post  SageDakota on Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:43 am

Gen 6 OU:
1. BoltTheTrainer (Bolt) - Good job winning the tournament, boss. Once I beat Gold, I'm coming for you!
2. GoldFinale (Gold) - So my plan to defeat you failed, but I will do much better next time to beat you. You've come a long way from before, so keep up the good work dude! Very Happy
3. PokemonTysonLegend (Tyson) - Wish I could have battled you, but Sakura was not letting that happen XD
4. LightningStarSakura (Sakura) - Good games Sak! Top 4, turn up!
5. LordHekena (Dakota) - Stop losing.
5. ThatManKelsey (Kelsey) - We'll keep working on getting better together, dawg!
7. ScarletShiny (Brandon) (forfeited in Losers) - I'm actually surprised I managed to beat you. Tim really came through for me with that team : )
7. HitoshirezuJamal (Jamal) - You faced two very tough opponents, unfortunately. Good matches though.

Gen 1 OU:
2. LordHekena (Dakota) - I'm surprised I actually made to 2nd place. Almost the Gen 1 King. Stupid Tyson. : (
3. ScarletShiny (Brandon) - Mwahahahahahahaha!
4. HitoshirezuJamal (Jamal) - Another victim to Tyson's haxing. I'm sorry, my friend : (
5. GoldFinale (Gold) (forfeited in Losers) - Maybe next time, chump.
5. LightningStarSakura (Sakura) - You too were a victim to Tyson's haxing. My condolences.
7. SaiyaKnight (Saiya) - I didn't even know you were in the tournament LOL



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