NSE tutorial.

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NSE tutorial.

Post  Relyt on Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:35 am

For the few that know, NSE is a brand new spriting tool.

Link for it is here: http://wahackpokemon.com/es/descarga/herramientas-gba (Under Specific Tools, the one right before the bottomost tool.)

It's a lot like Overworld Editor, but there are some brand new functions that are in NSE that OWE won't, and probably never will have.

NOTE: I'm using FR for this tutorial. You can check the values for Ruby or any other ROMs by just hitting a random non-palette number and checking the pop up.

The things I'll cover in this tutorial are:
1: The basics
2: New Import functions
3: Palette Editing
4: Size Editing
5: Q/A (for stuff you're still confused about)

1: The basics

Now NSE looks a lot like OWE, and this screenshot will show you that they do look the same.

See? They look exactly alike, which will make this tutorial easier.

To cycle through sprites, you would do what you did with OWE and click on the left and right arrows by the word index.

Of course, those arrows are useless unless you open a ROM, and you can do that by clicking on File > Open, then go to the file that contains your ROM of choice. If you don't like doing all that clicking, just hit CTRL+O.

Now, after you've cycled through your sprites, I say we should go to palette selection.

This, of course, is just like OWE's palette selection, but with something new.

For those of you that use OWE, the palette values, or numbers, are: 0, 3, 4, 5, 6, 16, 19, 20, and 21. Those are the values for FR (which will be the ROM I use for this tutorial.)

But, if you were to check the values for FR on NSE, then you would see some new number- erm, letters.

The values for FR on NSE are: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, 0, 1, 2, B, C, 10, 11, 13, 15, and 14.

Yeah, WAY more values than OWE. Now A, B, and C, I tend to not mess with, because I think they are the palettes for the tiles.

I might as well mention this, but NSE can not only edit Overworld sprites, but you can also edit stuff like the moving flowers, or Prof. Oak's sprite in the intro of FR. Yeah, cool stuff, isn't it?

I'm getting off track. Now, what else should I talk about?

Okay, one thing that can be a hindrance is that whenever you make a change to a sprite, if you want to keep it, you always have to hit File > Save (Or CTRL+S).

Now, for those of you using NSE at the moment and is using the tut as a guide to learn how to use it, you may notice that something is missing. That thing happens to be the grids. Don't worry, they can be visible or hidden by going to Options > Grid > Palette/Canvas.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this earlier, but cycling through the frames of a sprite on NSE is the same as OWE, so no need for concern there.

Other options that you can use are:
Refresh, which would open the sprite before you changed it, providing you didn't save.
View > Refresh (F5)

Offset, which allows you to see the code for the sprite's palette code, offset, and it allows you to flip the image, make the sprite grayscale, and it contains one of the ways to edit the sprite's size (which I'll cover in part 4 of this tutorial).
View > Offset

Hex Editor, and honestly, I have no clue what this does. If I can find out, I'll edit it in.
View > Hex Editor

BackColor, this only shows the sprite's BG color. It's checked when you first use NSE, but you can uncheck it to hide the BG color.
Options > Backcolor

Advance Mode, and this shows the Index/Frame, palette number, offsets, size, etc.
Options > Advance Mode or CTRL+M

Bookmark, which allows you to either bookmark an offset (No idea what that means, but you probably just save the sprite as a bookmark) and view bookmarks, and this is the more interesting function.

If you click View Bookmarks, you can see all of the presets for the bookmarks, which include text boxes, In battle back sprites, non OWE sprites, the waves from the boats, tiles, etc.

The best part about the bookmarks? If you open them, you can then edit them! How original would it be if you had a custom textbox made by you?
Options > Bookmarks > Bookmark This Offset/View Bookmarks

Plugins, again, I don't know.
Options > Plugins > Select Plugin

I guess that is it for the Basics.

Join me tomorrow as I post Part 2: New Import Functions.

And DL link for NSE is both at the beginning and at the end of this tutorial.

Link for it is here: http://wahackpokemon.com/es/descarga/herramientas-gba (Under Specific Tools, the one right before the bottomost tool.)

EDIT: I am sorry that this literally died. I forgot about this after, like, the day I made it. ^^;

When I get my laptop back, I will continue this.

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