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Post  Guest on Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:37 pm

This is Salkor's Hack Topic!

OK, first of all, i am sorry for cluttering up the Hack topic area. Some people seem to make one super comprehensive topic, so that's what this is for. As of the other stuff Mods, just delete it. This is where all my info will be.

+=Pokemon Fusion Heroes=+
Plot: Famitsu the legendary hero from 100 years ago, defeated the Dark King Forlo to save the world. Almost 101 years have passed. A new trainer named Everett and his friends, including his protective big brother Gabe, have to save the world again from Forlo's son the Dark Prince using a special power known as Soul Dive to fuse with their Pokemon.

+=Pokemon Trainers Unite!=+
Plot: Giovanni has a plan to take over Kanto from a political role so he can ban Pokemon training. In order to gain power over the world however, he must gain the emblems given to the elders around Kanto. Rolyak "Roller" Injen Ketchum and his friends who were put into a fake Trainer School, have banned together as "Project: Trainer Team" to stop Giovanni and Team Rocket.

As of right now, I am currently debating either to do both regularly, or to just stick with one. Leaning toward Fusion Heroes though.


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