How You Want Your Character To Be At The Very Minimum In Hacks (USEFUL!)

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How You Want Your Character To Be At The Very Minimum In Hacks (USEFUL!)

Post  HitoshirezuJamal on Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:34 am

So I was thinking about the inaccurate portrayal of characters that certain hackers allow others to use (no, not just a few custom redesigns to fit your hack; I mean literally changing the character so much that you wouldn't recognize them and their original to be the same... I'm looking at what's happened to Dakota's character in particular, but I won't say any names) and decided to make this thread. Let's get down to business!

Here's how it works: You list your character's notable characteristics and traits and put "(A MUST)" for characteristics that are... well... a must for if someone wants to use it. If it's a recommended, but not required characteristic, put "(RECOMMENDED)". For traits that stick out in your series, but don't necessarily have to be put in others' (although it would be nice if they did), don't put anything next to them.

Let's start it off:

- Intelligent and wise (A MUST)
- Battle-loving (A MUST)
- Wields darkness (A MUST)
- Able to transform into Hitoshirezu forms (A MUST)
- Able to copy others' techniques by just analyzing them after witnessing them use it once (A MUST)
- Generally a nice guy (RECOMMENDED, but he should not be below a Type III Anti-Hero He's either a pure hero or at that point).
- Normally calm, but can be easily angered (RECOMMENDED)

Overall, Jamal is a very flexible character, so people who want to use him shouldn't have too many problems.

The Dakomeister says:
Is Tyson like the MLK of hacking now?

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Re: How You Want Your Character To Be At The Very Minimum In Hacks (USEFUL!)

Post  Relyt on Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:43 am

Meh, might as well post, because why the heck not?

1) He is either going to be a smartass, or a chill/friendly guy with the occasional smartass comment. (Must since this is personality.)
2) Smart. (Must.)
3) His mouth will get him into trouble... a lot. (Must.)
4) Uses Wind magic to fight long range battles. Only does close range when it is necessary, and even then, he has a lance he summons with his magic. (Optional. Must for hacks with powers, not a must for hacks without powers.)
5) Power is only obtained through the fact that he is the reincarnation of the creator of magic. (Somewhat optional. If you can make a good alternate reason for his powers to fit your series, then this isn't needed. However, if you need an explanation for powers but can't obtain one, then this is needed.)
6) Sees world realistically, not optimistically. (Recommended.)
7) Little to no prowess when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, uses Wind magic to make physical attacks (not dealing with the lance) have any effectiveness. (Must for hacks with powers, not a must for hacks without them.)

That is all I got ATM, but I can add more if I can remember any others.

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Re: How You Want Your Character To Be At The Very Minimum In Hacks (USEFUL!)

Post  Guest on Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:15 pm


Foolish and recklessly brave(Must)

Short tempered(Must)

Has the power of "Godspell" that allows him to negate and/or steal anyone's powers temporarily (Optional. a must for hacks with powers but not for hacks without powers)

Hates to kill anyone but loves to fight when angry (Recommended)

If he uses Godspell on an evil person, he will become evil, and will not hesitate to kill his enemy or others around him.(Optional. a must for hacks with powers but not for hacks without powers)

knows little of the world, but is an expert at battle only because he used Godspell many times and has retained battle knowledge. (Optional. a must for hacks with powers but not for hacks without powers)


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Re: How You Want Your Character To Be At The Very Minimum In Hacks (USEFUL!)

Post  SilverShiningMoon on Fri Apr 27, 2012 5:43 pm

Silver Shruikan Hikari

-Wild Personality (A MUST)
-Eternalize, I'm sure most of you guys have heard it, but where he can become a certain type. Sometimes two or more. (MUST or not if there are no powers)
-Likes to use Dark Form (Recommended)
-When serious he forms a blade out of nothing and cuts himself. Letting the evil-him out. (A MUST)
-White Hair (A must)
-Eevee is always with him in his hood. (A MUST)
-Has a whistle to call his Flygon who flys in the sky in a pack. (MUST)

That's all I have. Not much, but I think it'd do for now.

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Re: How You Want Your Character To Be At The Very Minimum In Hacks (USEFUL!)

Post  Hi I'm Zach on Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:18 pm

-A out going, fun and happy personality, friendly and caring, yet fierce and kickass in battles.
She can come off as a spunky kind of girl. She can be very mushy at times, and clumsy (A MUST! Anything else and I will be very upset.)
-She's amazing at computers and technology. (MUST!)
-Though smart she gets herself in trouble and fights a lot (Must)
-Must have her Dream Powers and you MUST use them accurate to the description I give you during my application/character info. (MUST! Unless you're having a no power series then she can be a Pokemon Trainer)
-A top Pokemon Trainer(Optional)
-Her powers will not be hers at first, she will have to gain them through hard work learning how to control it and all that. (MUST if you have her with powers)
-Loves traveling, and won't turn down a journey (MUST)
-She relies on speed more then everything else in fights. (Must)
-She has to have her Munna out with her not inside her Pokeball.(Must if you're not using Luna's human form.. spoilers.)
-Her role is either as a supporting character, hero, or anti hero(Type 1). (Your choice on this one, let me know first though.)
I know these are all musts but I'm very serious when letting people use my character.

You can change some of this but you NEED MY PERMISSION FIRST! In either a youtube PM or MSN IM.
Any changes to her role personality and outfit must be approved by me first!

Also don't be afraid to ask me to be in your series.

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Re: How You Want Your Character To Be At The Very Minimum In Hacks (USEFUL!)

Post  Poyo on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:46 am

Legit thread, legit thread...

Might as well make ones for Akarui and Dream

Akarui Hoshi

- Personality: Happy/cheerful, curious about everything (and I mean EVERYTHING, this can make him do/say some really stupid things), clumsy (not in battles, he's really on-point with battling, but mainly social/people things) and innocent natured. (A MUST)

- Closer to his Pokemon (closest Pokemon by far being Dream) than any of his human friends. (RECOMMENDED, Dream being closer to him than anything is A MUST though)

- Catchphrases: "Yayuhzz!" (for when something happens that makes him happy) and "No johns." (for when people make excuses) (A MUST)

- Loves to money match (battle trainers for a set amount of money, loser of the battle pays that money). (RECOMMENDED)

- When battling (Pokemon battles, since Akarui has no powers), he LOVES to use mindgames.
Example: He likes to make his opponent think he'll do something, then once he says they make a move/take a position that's to counter what he'll do, he'll do a counter to their counter at the last second. It's hard to explain, but you can be creative with it. Think of it this way, Akarui likes to psyche his opponent out a lot so he can bait them into doing something punishable. Akarui rarely does the same thing repetitively, so mix up his mindgames. Akarui also has very few set strategies (does have a few though), he likes to come up with what he does as a battle progresses, he's more of an adaptive trainer than one who prepares a strategy beforehand. (A MUST for hacks with animated Pokemon battles.)

- Akarui always congratulates his Pokemon and tell them they did a good job after they knock out a Pokemon or are defeated. For Dream in particular, he hugs and gives him high fives after knocking out strong Pokemon and become sad/heavily discouraged when Dream is defeaten. (A MUST)

- Akarui's dream is to be the best Pokemon Trainer in the world. (RECOMMENDED)

- Is very emotional when it comes to important battles (usually tournament/league/high amount money matches). Akarui will be very happy when he wins important battles, usually celebrating by going hyper (things like jumping in joy, etc.) and when he loses an important battle, he'll take it very hard and cry (if he can hold it in, he'll wait until he's alone so no one has to see him, Akarui doesn't have spite towards trainers for beating him though, he's just disappointed in himself because he believes his Pokemon can do anything). (A MUST)

- Is friendly and always willing to give advice for any trainer who asks for it. (RECOMMENDED: Even if the advice isn't good, it depends if you want Akarui to be a new trainer or an experienced trainer in your series.)

- Dream is always on Akarui's head (A MUST: exceptions can be if Dream is battling, being healed in a Pokemon Center, if Akarui's trying to hide Dream, if Akarui and Dream are seperated, any reasonable reason is okay, but Akarui and Dream are basically a duo, they're meant to do everything together.)

- Akarui's birthname is "Peter Kez" (Kez isn't my real last name guys, just something I randomly thought of to not publicly reveal it. XD) and "Akarui Hoshi" is actually a name Dream gave him since Akarui is a runaway child from home because his mother didn't allow him to become a Pokemon Trainer. (RECOMMENDED: If you decide that Akarui was able to become a trainer under normal circumstances in your hack, "Akarui Hoshi" can then be his birthname too.)

- Akarui is hemophobic (fear of blood), if he sees a large portion of blood (such as someone cut, bleeding a lot, etc.) or blood up close, he'll start shaking and won't be able to think right. He usually tries to run away from it, but if he's in a situation where he can't run (such as being captured by a villain or something) he'll break down and scream for help. (A MUST: You don't need to make a scene where Akarui sees blood though, it's just a part of his character and can be used how you want.)

- Akarui is extremely offended when people tell him he can't fight because he has no powers. Akarui has a lot of pride in his skills as a trainer and believes he and Dream can fight against humans with powers. (A must for series with human fighters)

- Even though he's very hyperactive and proud of his skills, Akarui isn't cocky acknowledges everyone he battles as a threat, so he can be focused at all times during his battles so it's very hard for him to be caught off guard and fall for gimmicks. (RECOMMENDED)

- Refuses to kill unless it's absolutely neccasary to protect Dream. (A MUST)


- Dream is happy-natured like his trainer Akarui, although Dream is usually more calm and collected (CAN have his hyper moments occasionally) (A MUST).

- Dream has a large portion of a Lugia's aura sealed inside him, which he can use for battling/transforming. (you can choose whether Dream has control of the powers or not though) (A MUST)

- Dream has the power to control the aura inside of himself and the enviornment (such as grass, trees, any enviornmental thing with life). He can only control the aura inside another living being if they let him. He can use the aura he controls to form attacks or increase the power of his own (like mixing aura in with his Water Guns and other water attacks). Dream cannot actually create aura though, so if he wanted to use an attack like Aura Sphere, he'd either have to be in an enviornment such as a forest (since there's a lot of life in the trees/grass/plants) or he'd have to rip some of his own aura out of his body to form it (which Dream cannot abuse, since his aura is his life energy, he can't use it that often to create pure aura attacks without weakening himself, so he prefers just to use his aura control to strengthen his natural Squirtle attacks). This power also allows him to see with his eyes closed by aura sight and communicate with others by sending aura waves to them. (A MUST: It doesn't have to be used TOO much if you'd rather focus on Dream's powers being his Lugia powers, but it should still be there.)

- Another extension of his aura controlling powers. Dream can also receive thoughts of people who focus their thoughts on him. Akarui mainly does this when talking to Dream when he says something he doesn't want others to hear, or in battles, so his opponent can't just react to his attack command with an easy counter option, this catches opponents who have never battled Akarui before offguard. (RECOMMENDED)

- Because his trainer, Akarui, is really clumsy and can say some stupid things or fall into traps easily, Dream usually warns Akarui about the dangers of something before he does it. Sometimes Akarui listens to Dream (usually when it comes to Akarui about to make a mistake in a battle), but a lot of the time, Akarui's naiveness/curious makes him tell Dream it's not too big of a deal and often does the stupid thing anyway. (A MUST)

- Dream is Akarui's trump card in battle. Dream's by far is strongest Pokemon and the "center" of the team, so a lot of Akarui's battles revolve around Dream carrying the battle. Akarui's other Pokemon are still strong and can do good, but Dream by far outclasses them. (A MUST)

- Even though Dream knows because of his powers, he can fight on-par with most human fighters, he's still reluctant to fight against human villains with powers (usually he still will, but he's usually reluctant) because he knows Akarui can be an easy target if the enemy wants to go for him. In these type of situations, Dream will do what's neccasary to protect Akarui if he's in danger, even if it means giving up a battle or doing something the villain wants. (A must for series with human fighters)

- As hinted above, Dream is extremely loyal to Akarui and will do anything for him and to protect him. (A MUST)

- Dream's emotions are very in touch with Akarui's, when Akarui's happy, he'll be happy (unless Akarui's doing/saying something stupid in front of others, then he'll be embarassed), when Akarui's sad, Dream will try to cheer Akarui up in anyway he can think of, when Akarui's pumped for a battle, Dream will be pumped too. Those are the main examples I could think of. (A MUST)

- Refuses to kill unless it's absolutely neccasary to protect Akarui. (A MUST)

I think that's all for now, I might edit this post with others later.

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Re: How You Want Your Character To Be At The Very Minimum In Hacks (USEFUL!)

Post  Guest on Tue May 01, 2012 4:41 pm

...Wondering if I should put anything, since Avi's technically not a hack character...
Agh, screw it. I've had requests to use my character already; this'll at least make for an interesting read for some of you. Here's a character that can easily become a powerful ally or a dangerous enemy.

Avi Hoshikage
Dragon and Psychic, like the pokemon types. Can use virtually any Psychic/Dragon attack in existance, so you can pick her attacks (Often uses Psychic, Psycho Cut, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse and Teleport). Also has "strengths" and "weaknesses" like a pokemon. Is cunning and manipulating, always has a strategy and loves using psychological warfare. Has no qualms with fighting dirty if something valuable like her own safety is one the line. (MUST)
(Reccomended: Avi can also use the powers of her Charmander, Igniter, at will, so she could also use moves like Flamethrower with Igniter's energy.)

Avi has two "transformations," Psychos and Dracos. If she uses Psychos, her Psychic power is maxed and she becomes impossible to trick or anger, her mind completely honed and her psychic powers reading her opponents. Dracos, her Dragon power cranked up to 11, can only be drawn out when she's in danger, and it's a wild, demonic power that will demolish opponents physically and psychologically.

In a nutshell, Yin and Yang. Normally dark and serious, lost in thought, not quick to talk. If she trusts the people around her, however, she can suddenly turn childish and playful. This can happen without warning. Intelligent, calm and calculating, Avi greatly enjoys playing opponents into her hands, manipulating the people around her, and is highly skilled in psychological warfare. Avi's trust is extremely difficult to earn, but her loyalty, once won, is unbreakable. (MUST)
(Reccomended: When Avi's about to suddenly become bouncy and happy, she will take her hat off to warn the people around her. She might ask if she can take off her hat before doing this. Also has an intense fear of people with Dark Powers and calls them Darkwielders. She will do everything she can to either control or crush a Darkwielder, and if she can't do either, she'll refuse to trust them.)

Pokemon: Just one. Igniter, a Black Charmander with a white belly, blue fins and a silver tail flame. Playful and curious. Avi is psychically bonded to him and can hear his thoughts, feel what he feels, and share energy with him. In short, Igniter can use Avi's Psychic/Dragon energy, and Avi can use Igniter's Fire energy. (MUST)
(Reccomended: Because of their psychic link, Avi and Igniter will just "think" their attacks in serious battles. Avi can also control Igniter like a puppet and can change his type to Dragon, Psychic or Fire at will. Also, because of their psychic link, if one is wounded, both will feel pain.)

Uses: Avi could easily be a great hero, anti-hero or villain, depending on how someone wants to use her. She can be brave and eccentric, or she could be a silent protector just doing her job. Her Dragon powers, however, can make her act very crazy, to the point where she can easily flip between hero and villain. Can best be described as constantly dancing the fine line between good and evil.


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Re: How You Want Your Character To Be At The Very Minimum In Hacks (USEFUL!)

Post  SilverShiningMoon on Tue May 01, 2012 5:55 pm

Avi since Igniter can talk why not give him a description to, since he is also a character. And has a sprite...

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Re: How You Want Your Character To Be At The Very Minimum In Hacks (USEFUL!)

Post  Guest on Wed May 02, 2012 9:59 pm

I'll be posting here after I get my series going.
It'd be a bit strange to post about the char if he's hardly even appeared yet, right? (I'm writing the whole series out first.)


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Re: How You Want Your Character To Be At The Very Minimum In Hacks (USEFUL!)

Post  Bwarb Bwarb on Thu Aug 06, 2015 9:18 pm

Well I guess it's my turn.

He is a phylosother, always questioning things [MUST]

He is cheerful, smart [has an IQ of 150], Loves pokemon, VERY tolerant and is helpful [MUST]

He'd rather sleep, read ect. than going on an adventure and think that everything is a lot of effort [MUST]

He is a master pokemon battler, who uses status effects to cripple opponents [MUST]

He can hold his own against humans with powers, and uses his pokemon against them. He mainly has 4 pokemon around him for protection, while calling out commands to his 2 other pokemon who are fighting his opponent. He does addapt his strategy if the situation calls for it. [MUST]

If it's an air battle then he will ride on his Staraptor and if it's a water battle he will ride on his Lanturn. [MUST]

He is skilled with hand to hand combat [MUST] NO POWERS OR SUPER FAST TELEPORTING

He is a master of dodging attacks and fleeing from fights. He also had amazing reaction time [MUST]

He thinks pokemon gym battles and leagues are stupid a waste of time, and that they don't prove how strong you are as a trainer. [RECOMMENDED]

He likes writing novels and drawing. [RECOMMENDED]

He likes gaming and watching movies. [RECOMMENDED]

He is exceptional at double and triple battles [MUST] and will often do money-matches wit people who aren't very familiar with these trypes of battles, So basically people from Kanto [RECOMMENDED]

IF captured, he won't try to escape right away, but will try and gather information by sneeking around [MUST]

He cares deeply for his friends [MUST]
Bwarb Bwarb

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Re: How You Want Your Character To Be At The Very Minimum In Hacks (USEFUL!)

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