PHC's First SSB4 Tournament Results! (October 5th)

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PHC's First SSB4 Tournament Results! (October 5th)

Post  HitoshirezuJamal on Mon Oct 06, 2014 9:05 am

1. PokemonTysonLegend (Tyson) (Greninja, Peach)
2. xXtyking1224Xx (Ty) (Shulk, Pit, Robin)
3. HitoshirezuJamal (Jamal) (Marth)
4. okamishiraunirules (Raina) (Toon Link)
5. ScarletShiny (Brandon) (Robin, Bowser Jr.)
5. YugiAru (Al) (Mii Fighter)
7. Chimchar009 (Nathan) (Greninja)
7. DestinyBuizel (Tim) (Greninja) (forfeited in Losers due to connection issues)
9. sannaCollier (Sanna) (Little Mac, Pikachu)
9. LordHekena (Dakota) (Fox, Lucario)
9. TheArabSamurai (Abdul) (Sheik)
9. TheOfficialRED (Fisal) (Zero Suit Samus)


Thanks for entering, everyone! Bee

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