My projects(updates and stuff too)

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My projects(updates and stuff too) Empty My projects(updates and stuff too)

Post  Guest on Sat May 14, 2011 4:48 am

I made this thread too like... show my stuff and... ummm... you know what I mean! XD

Pokemon Ice Blood

My main series, it took me very long to make it. And I made 3 epsiodes that kinda sucked... im still a newbie though... But im making a remake with a little changed plot and some people that appear earlier then in the old series. And because of all that, if your going to watch my series you should watch the remake.


Long ago, people can't even remember when. It was a war. Demons against humans, but these wasn't just any demons. These demons was the so called Ice Blood demons. No one are really sure of what their powers are. But they know one fact. As long as the Ice Blood Demon kills, it grows stronger. Because of this, the humans want too kill these demons. But a woman comes into the fighting and stops it. This woman becomes the leader of the Ice Blood demons, and she makes the demons stop killing people or any other creatures to get stronger. One day she falls dead, and no one knows the reason why this happend. Some people say it was the humans who did this, so the Ice Blood demons will try to kill all humans. Other people say that it was a demon who betrayed her. But they all say that she lives inside of them, waiting to come back to the world once again.

A boy wakes up in Pallet town where he can't remember anything exept that he was fighting with someone and he probably blacked out, and he remember that he had a pokemon but it's gone. But when he's about to go look for some answers he runs into another boy. Then he sudely have a flashback that shows hes about too kill the boy. But he is now alive in front of him.

At the same time a group of people sets out to find a boy named Edward that was captured by the enemy.


Episode 3: 5%

link to my channel:

Pokemon Opal Soul

My second series. This was made by my friend Opal, not her real name but I will not say her real name. But she got done with her opening, and then quit. I will not say why, it's kinda private. So im making it now. I was going to start on it after season 1 of Pokemon Ice Blood, but due to not having insponess im starting before!

Will not spoil storyline or anything yet! XD


Opening: 100% Done
Episode 1: 10% XD
Ending: 25%

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My projects(updates and stuff too) Empty Re: My projects(updates and stuff too)

Post  Guest on Sun May 22, 2011 8:53 pm

This looks promising! Razz


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