Wifi Battling on Emerald/Firered/Hacks.

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Wifi Battling on Emerald/Firered/Hacks.

Post  Guest on Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:58 am

Are you bored of repeating a hack like Shiny Gold or Flora Sky?

Don't you want to competively battle on a hack or even a rom like Emerald?

No problem! Thanks to my friend Tim (DestinyBuizel) and Sasab (ShadowFeraligatr) we got to get wifi on our roms!

You want to do it too? No problem this is what the threads for.
(A video to show you proof it works will be uploaded later)

First, download a program called "Hamachi" It's where you can get connected to other people to battle.
Need download? No problem here Download

Second, once you download it and install you can make your own server for battling. (Or you can get one of your friends servers.)

Third, now you don't got a Connection/Link to battle. That's ok because theres one more thing to download!
Don't worry its not wasteful Wink

You need a Vba link. So you'll have to download this. VBALink You can download either 1.72 or 1.8 wifi. (I picked 1.8 so u can use that)

When you download it extract all the files including the Visualboyadvance into a folder. If you have one you still need to extract that one!

Fourth, now we are onto the last course of this madness.

Open VisualBoyAdvance (the extracted one)
a. Go To Options -> Emulator -> Make Sure Pause When Inactive Window is UnChecked
b. Go To Options -> Link -> Settings... -> Network Is Selected
Starting The Server: Go To Options -> Link -> Settings... -> Server -> Press Start
Joining The Server: Go To Options -> Link -> Settings... -> Client ->
Server I.P: Look Who You Wish To Battle -> Next To There Name Should Be An I.P: #.#.#.#
Press Connect

After all that if the other person did the same thing on the Server and a pop up that says Connected appears you can battle/trade/ and all that.

PS: If your going to use a Rom that was used on another Visualboyadvance, it wont have the save file on the new Visualboyadvance so you'll be doing a new save file on that emulator.

If you have any problems message me on Youtube, Msn, or Xat.

My Youtube

Credit goes to these two people too

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