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Pokemon Glitch Wars

Post  DarkGlitch on Sun Mar 22, 2015 10:21 am

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Main Characters :
Cyber -
A child who has become something known as a Glitch.

Osa -
Another main character. Cyber's best friend.
Story Line :
  Things called glitches have been exposed to the world. A glitch, is someone who has been exposed to so much depression and loss, they try to escape by creating a new personality to take the old ones place. These personalities are to act in a way almost opposite to the real version. Glitches are not suppose to exist. Though they shouldn't exist, they have insane power. More power then their real versions, but the longer the glitch lives, the stronger the real personality is. The real personality will be 10x stronger then the glitch after a month of the glitches existence.
  Glitches can also be created when someone is exposed to something called miltharite. People exposed to miltharite will act like jerks!
  Glitches will randomly go to sleep because they aren't suppose to exist. They will go to sleep whether they like it or not. Pokemon cannot be glitched. If they do, they will either get their memories wiped, or they will take on the form of a evolution in their line so that they may rest inside, until they are ready to come back.
  Cyber, a 12 years old boy, has lived alone with a Pikachu named Picu. Both his parents were killed, and he was kidnapped and fell into the requirements of the glitch. His glitch is created. The viewers will start the series with the glitch. Glitch Cyber, goes to school in [insert village name here]. He and his best friend Osa, enjoy their daily school lives, which ends up changing after Cyber gains his first pokemon. A seedot, which has lost all of it's memories. Cyber later finds out, that he wasn't suppose to exist, and the his seedot was the partner of his old self. After countless fights with a group of people who are trying to gain the old cyber back and take over the world, cyber falls into a deep slumber.
  The real cyber, and glitch cyber have an encounter in cyber's mind. After seeing everything glitch cyber has been through, the real cyber decides to let him live instead of taking his place back. The real personality of cyber disappears, allowing glitch cyber to become real. This stops the glitching, but creates another personality. This personality is not a glitch, but an evil version of cyber.

 Osa gains his own adventure. In episode 6, Osa learns all about Cyber and his existence. He vows to protect him no matter what. After one failed attempt, Osa falls into a depression, which soon leads to a coma. In this Coma, he appears in Ancient Egypt. He goes on an adventure to save Ancient Egypt. He is forced to fight a evil knight that looks similar to Cyber. After failed to defeat him, Osa is rescued by a cute looking version of Tyler (This is a event that also leads to the evil version of cyber). Tyler a glitch who is a jerk, and tries to bully Cyber and Osa. Meanwhile, in the real world, Cyber fights with his life to protect Osa from getting captured. Cyber fails, and has to dive into a dimension of darkness to save him. After saving him, Osa awakens from his coma.

  Osa, and Cyber decide to leave their village after all the trouble their presence has caused for it. They leave, to soon find out that their school bully,  Tyler, left with them. Tyler seemed much nice and more mature, then he usually was in school. Tyler tells them all about his glitch. He tells them how, while Cyber was saving Osa, he encountered a shady guy who ended up being a minion of the keeper of time, Dialga. He released Tyler from his glitch. He also released Tyler's pokemon from it's evolution glitch. Tyler's Monferno turned into a chimcar. Cyber couldn't accept what Tyler had told them. Osa then explained what he saw while he was in a coma. This changed Cyber's opinion.

*This entire thing would be a season one or go into a mid season 2. Well, the Osa part. Cyber's story will be towards what... Season 5 or 6? If I ever reach that rendeer.*


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You spoiled the entire story

Post  Bwarb Bwarb on Sun Apr 05, 2015 6:04 am

You should of just had the first and half of the second paragraph, now you've spoiled the entire story! Oh well, I still can't wait for the hack to come out.
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