Tournament Arc (Trope)

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Tournament Arc (Trope)

Post  HitoshirezuJamal on Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:16 am

(This trope comes from TV Tropes. However, the writing in this page is original.)

This trope consists of a plot arc that revolves around a tournament. Ironically enough, despite an increasing prevalence in fighting that doesn't involve Pokemon, most Tournament Arcs specifically focus on Pokemon battles, in spite of (or perhaps even because of) this.

The Pokemon League is the most common tournament used for Tournament Arcs (thanks to the games and anime), but there are many variations as well.


- Pokemon Gold's Adventures: Destiny of a Hero has one of the longest known Tournament Arcs in the history of hacking (lasting for 30 episodes, from Episode 21 to Episode 50). The Tournament of Champions (hosted by Silver) was loosely based off of the Dark Tournament from YuYu Hakusho (like the Dark Tournament, most of the participants were killed). However, although the Dark Tournament allows entrants to be killed, the Tournament of Champions requires entrants to be killed if they lose in the beginning rounds or semi-finals.
Gold wins the tournament after defeating Silver in the finals.

- Pokemon .E.D. has the Elite Tournament in Season 2 (which the season is named after),
which is interrupted by the Cursed 13.

- Pokemon TGA has the Region Tournament in Season 2 (which the season is named after),
and Tyson and Dakota battle to a draw in the finals.

- Dakota's Weird Pokemon Adventures has featured 2 tournaments so far, although only one is a true Tournament Arc. The first tournament was the Rookie Tournament in Season 2, which is the only true Tournament Arc so far.
Right before the semi-finals, Dakota is captured by Tony and is replaced in the tournament by Robo Dako to battle Tyson. Tyson wins and proceeds to lose to Tony in the finals.
The second tournament shown is the Ultimate Tournament (although only the end of the finals are shown),
where Dakota defeats Mac and becomes the Champion of Kanto.

- Seth's Pokemon Adventures has featured the Kanto League, although it was not a true Tournament Arc, with the only battle really shown being Jamal vs. Sam
(although the battle, let alone the tournament is never finished, as Kento interrupts it right near the beginning).

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